Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nemo's Pleo Brother Models New Cape

Turtle fans, please forgive me. Today I'm officially making Nemo's blog a place to share Pleo news as well. This is my first post on behalf of the Pleos under the new banner that includes my dinos.

I've been following the dilemma on the PleoWorld Forum of finding suitable garb to protect Pleo skin from too much petting and handling. I did try baby t-shirts but didn't like the way Pleo legs might be pulled to get it on. I'm not Suzy Homemaker to make adjustments or do my own designs. I liked a cape idea if it would stay in place and not keep falling off the dino back.

I found a wide baby bib by Carters with a cute Pleo-appropriate design. It came in a pack of three for about $10. Linus is sporting his jungle critter patterned "cape" complete with words that go with a Pleo: munch, chomp, and gulp. The long neck of the bib is simply crossed under the chin and snapped behind the head. It looks nice and secures the cape in place so it doesn't shift.

I did order two wide bibs of a very soft fabric that I hope fit as well as these inexpensive Carter bibs. More fashion news to come.

Nemo's Boardwalk?

Looks like Nemo found a "fun" spot to lounge although it's apparent he doesn't want any company.

He's been eating his shrimp lately sans nutritious pellets...but I've been defrosting the shrimp in water with the pellets hoping some of the nutrition gets into the shrimp.

I saw a movie last night, Just Add Water. Personally, I didn't care for it but the lead character had a pet tortoise named Steve :-) Cute scene where the guy is taking a bath and is cleaning Steve's shell in the tub with him. lol

Am intent on handling Nemo more. I was petting his nose earlier this morning. Even though he pulled his head in, he slowly brought it back out while I was there. Who knows. One day he may surprise me and run up to me again like he did that one day last year.