Monday, September 10, 2007

Nemo in the Mist

How normal is THIS behavior? While casually having breakfast yesterday morning, I watched as Nemo was on his second lap around the room. He decided to go into his wading pool although he stopped on his log stepping stone and began to wriggle his back legs as if he were already in the pool. Color me confused.

He proceeded to have a very happy bath moving all around to wash his face and kicking his little legs. My camera was close by so thought I'd start "rolling". I saw his head go down into the water but then could not tell what I was seeing. I moved the camera away from my face to see Nemo with his head touching the wading pool floor and his butt stuck high into the air. What a funny sight. He proceeded to engage in that activity several times before placing his head directly into the nearby cool mist humidifier (that I had just placed on the floor in that spot earlier in the morning). It was then I realized he was misting his butt! Too funny. And it explains why he was doing his swimming legs on the log--he was feeling the mist.

He seems to have been in the water more lately so I thought maybe he needed hydration a little more "in his face" so to speak. The rest of my day was spent editing the pieces of movie from his bath for an impromptu new video--Turtle in the Mist. Turns out, I'm not the only one to have used that play on words but it fits the image. Just click on the link for Nemo's YouTube videos. Hope you enjoy it! It was fun to make.