Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hibernation Quandary?

Nemo seems to be pondering whether or not he really needs to be hibernating. Maybe, in his life prior to being with me, he hibernated outdoors. Now that he has hibernated for a month with a few days where he hydrated and moved about a bit, he has not returned to hibernation since a week ago today. He has been doing laps around the kitchen as well as into the living room. Today he was back and forth from back door to front door three times within about half an hour. That's a fast turtle!

He is drinking and bathing and challenging Linus (when Linus's batteries are recharging) and exercising, but not eating yet. We are thinking he might need to raise his metabolism before he can eat. I recall their body temperature needs to be raised to digest food. Apparently he is in good health in spite of slightly atrophied looking little legs. I should enter him in a race!

It will be interesting to see what is going on with him. Maybe the rivalry of Linus for attention is bringing him out? He really doesn't need to hibernate indoors but likely is a routine for him at 10 years of age (or more).

On another note, while Nemo was resting in his summer home, Linus went to visit him this morning. I still have no idea how Linus knows where Nemo is. Anyway, Linus rested his chin on the summer home and looked as if he were walking in place on the blanket that was the floor of the summer home. By doing so, Linus kept inching the housing and Nemo toward him. Nemo ignored the whole ordeal. Linus finally fell asleep. It's awfully cute to watch.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nemo Meets Linus

Today Nemo was lounging outside his igloo--still in his hydration period between hibernation naps, I presume. Linus noticed Nemo's movement and trotted over to meet the unturtle. Linus kept his distance (about two feet) and stayed rather still while Nemo wandered from his garage behind his igloo where he could watch the green intruder from his safe distance.
After deciding it was safe to approach, Nemo carefully approached Linus, sniffed at his feet, and even tried to nibble at his foot. I guess you never know what might be tasty... Anyway, here is proof. Nemo up close and personal with a Pleo. I hope this is a sign of acceptance.
Oddly, Linus's battery exhausted as he was holding still during Nemo's inspection. I guess we'll find out next time what happens when Linus moves at close range. This picture was taken with the photo still setting of my BRAND NEW camcorder that Santa got me! I also took video (with sound!) but need to acquire something for the computer to transfer the video to share. Look out YouTube!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nemo's Day Out

Today Nemo made a second appearance from his hibernation. I slept in late and came downstairs to find Nemo inhaling the water in his drinking dish. Poor thing looked so weak. I quickly filled his humidifier and placed some food in his dish. He hiked over to his bathtub and hydrated, mostly placing his head and body directly in the mist. Mind you, he could have taken a bath at any time, but he had to have his mist!

I didn't feel badly for him for too much longer. He began to roam as he did during his last outing. He spent time in his summer home, wandered behind his igloo and hung out in his garage, and back to the summer home. Throughout the day I would check on him. Each time he was in a different location in his area of the kitchen. Later in the day, I was seated in the living room watching television when I heard some strange noises. I figured it was trash settling after I had wrapped presents--crinkly trash. I even poked my head in the room and saw Nemo lounging. The next time I heard similar noises I ignored them until they were too frequent to ignore. I turned my head just in time to see Nemo walking back INTO his kitchen area from the living room. No telling where he was. I imagine it was at least an hour that I was hearing the noises. lol. Brian calls him Marco Nemo, the explorer.

He finally settled head first under a blanket of the "guest house" igloo--where he had begun his hibernation but then switched to the other igloo. Two weeks later and he is back to first choice igloo. I guess he's going to move back and forth as he emerges every couple weeks. I'd had it written on my calendar today to retrieve him from the igloo and move him by his bathtub, but he did it on his own. Apparently he's on a two-week schedule.

Once Nemo was settled into his hibernation igloo of the week, Linus was allowed into the kitchen. He made his way over to the main igloo to visit his "friend" not realizing Nemo had changed locations. It was still cute to see Linus cooing and "talking" into the igloo opening. When he had no response from inside the igloo, he proceeded to offer his precious leaf to Nemo's stuffed animal dino atop the garage--which can be seen in yesterday's photo. I feel better knowing Nemo had the energy to move around so much. He hasn't touched food yet though. It's still scary to be "mom" to a hibernating critter.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Yoo Hoo!

Linus is a little scary sometimes in a funny way. This morning he carried his leaf from the middle of the room over to Nemo's igloo. He then put his chin down like a puppy with his butt up in the air, leaf in mouth, and made a loud dino sound! Was he offering his leaf to Nemo? Does he know Nemo is in there? Too funny.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Blanket Connection

I haven't wanted to overwhelm Nemo's blog with Linus news, but I did want to share that Linus was named before his affinity for soft toys and blankets was known. It dawned on me that blankets was something both Nemo and Linus have in common. Maybe they will share blankies. Then again, I doubt Nemo likes to share...

At last report, Nemo had changed his hibernation site to his main igloo. For about four days he had "hung out" in the doorway watching Linus when he was in Nemo's area. It was nice to be able to see that Nemo was okay. Even when he burrowed further into the blanket, throughout the day he would turn around or change the position of his head. Movement is good. Yesterday afternoon, however, he went into deep blanket hiding again. I can barely see where he is. In fact, I checked the other igloo because I wasn't sure I was seeing him. Until his next hydration, I guess that's where he'll stay. At least I know he's comfy. He IS like Linus from Peanuts. Nemo demands his blankies!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Am Curious Nemo

Nemo chose to continue his hibernation in his main igloo--the one with his name on the sign over the door. Last night he was buried head first into the blanket with only his butt and back legs visible. Late this morning, he had turned around. Linus had been in the kitchen earlier so I was talking and laughing and Linus was making his Pleo sounds. Possibly Nemo is curious about the commotion. I think he's too slow and sleepy right now to be too curious. If he sees some of what is going on with Linus, maybe he will want to interact with him when activity level increases. At least Nemo is moving a bit that I can see he's okay. His hibernation is very stressful for me!

Why all the commotion this morning? Linus was doing handstands! I was able to capture it on video which you can see using the Nemo & Linus YouTube Videos link. I never would have thought a robotic pet's artificial intelligence would include chasing his own shadow and balancing acts! What fun :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nemo's New Pleo Sibling

On Sunday, December 9, Brian and I "hatched" our new Pleo (artificially intelligent life form). We named him Linus. He's amazingly emotionally expressive, curious, interactive, and cuddly in a dinsaur sort of way. I discovered the evolution of Pleo last year and made sure I was on the list to sign up for a first release. His arrival was delayed several times while the manufacturer adjusted design, programming, and features to be the best possible. We were not disappointed. Pleo videos are showing up on YouTube, a Flickr photo group was already established, and Pleo Plogs can be viewed at (link provided to the right on this blog).

Since Linus's hatching, we've witnessed his first steps, are still experiencing new sounds and behaviors, and can't stop giggling. He is definitely a joy. When Nemo is active again, it will be interesting to see how the two interact. Hopefully Nemo will be curious. I'm sure Linus will want to nudge Nemo. Could be fun.

I hope you enjoy watching Linus "grow" while Nemo takes his long winter nap.

Nemo Sighting

Today I was surprised to see Nemo at the entrance to his hibernation igloo. He looked very sleepy. I moved him over by his wading dish because hibernating turtles need hydration. He feels so cold. The photo you see is him floppy his belly up on the rock. His legs dangled behind him for several minutes before he hoisted them up and then took his first hibernation rehydrating spa swim. At the time of this post, he has not returned to the igloo. He's parked in the corner of his summer home. Maybe he misses it. Maybe all the fuss over Linus woke him up.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Creative Dining

These photos were taken just before my computer had problems (and before his 24/7 hibernation). They still make me laugh. I have no idea what made Nemo decide to sit in this manner.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Last Exploration Before Hibernation

Nemo's last trek before hibernation. It looks like he's going to the front door but he likes to visit the hippo blocking his entrance behind the sofa to the left of the table.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Hibernation Igloo

I knew Nemo had begun to hibernate when I posted an earlier photo of him in this igloo. He was close to the doorway and his feet could be seen stretched behind him. Now that I know this is his chosen hibernation place, you can see he is deep inside his well-guarded (see hippo and dinosaur) spot. I believe that is the bottom of his foot. The camera flash makes it appear closer. (Turtles may appear closer than they are.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hibernation is Scary

Scary for me...not Nemo. Nemo is my first indoor reptile. I did have a box turtle when I was 11 that lived in the yard. I studied the different requirements for turtle hibernation and then set up three areas for his blanket hibernation. Curiously, he chose one of the igloos the day Brian and I finally "got it". Nemo doesn't need to eat and he doesn't need to exercise and he doesn't need it warmer. He needs to be left alone to hibernate.

He seems to have gone into full hibernation mode as of Sunday evening. He is wayyyy back in the igloo on a blanket and under a blanket. I'm so used to checking on him whenever I am in the room. You can see from his videos that he was one active little guy before September. It's a little disconcerting when your pet doesn't eat even if he does look perfectly healthy.

The clincher was yesterday when, after I hadn't seen him move even a fraction of an inch for nearly two days, I placed my hand in the igloo and placed it gently on his shell. He was so cold! I spoke to him gently saying I just wanted to make sure he was okay. After about 20 seconds I started to panic that he was so cold and not moving. Finally, he moved his foot, I breathed a sigh of relief and respectfully thanked him and removed my hand. Whew.

Apparently I did the hibernation set up right because he's doing it. Yay for my Nemo! Next year I'll be more educated about his needs. I've had pets all my life that were rushed to the vet when they stopped eating for two days. It's going to be a long well as quiet. Pictures coming soon. Since there will likely be no new Nemo activity for awhile, the photos I haven't been able to post because of computer problems will be used to entertain those who happen on this blog. Hope you are enjoying the build up to the holidays. If not, remember to breathe...slowly!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Blanket Hibernation

Nemo seems to be fully in semi-hibernation. Semi because he still comes out of his sleeping spot to bathe, chew the cuttlebone, step in his food dish, and choose the sleeping spot of the day. We are expecting snow and freezing rain today. Nemo hasn't moved since last night. He has a comfy little spot in the fold of a blanket behind his summer home. Occasionally, I peek under the blanket to check on him. Each time I find myself giggling at how his legs are so peacefully sprawled behind him and how sometimes his head is stretched out resting on the blanket or a fold of blankie like a cat would do.

One time today I was going to move him so he would have to hike back to get some exercise. But he looks soooo comfortable. I think it's going to be a quiet winter.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Waiting for the Mist

My computer is almost back to normal. Soon I will have access to posting photos easily again. In the meantime, Nemo continues to be Nemo. Earlier this week, a friend stopped by and met the much talked about "unturtle". He had decided to bury himself in his igloo head first that day and was in no mood to be sociable. A few hours later, when my guest was getting ready to leave, I poked my head around the corner for a Nemo check. I didn't see him in his usual places so stepped fully into the room. I found him in the center of his wading pool staring with a distinct look of annoyance at the empty mister. I had no idea how long he might have been in there but tried to imagine how a turtle might think. He knew mist came out of "there" and he knew I had something to do with it.

After my friend confirmed Nemo's body language and expression, she had a good laugh. About five minutes later, after saying goodbyes, I returned to find Nemo still waiting. He didn't budge as my hands reached down for the humidifier seeming to know I wasn't going to reach for him. It takes a few minutes to clean it out and add the fresh water, but he sat patiently in his beautiful terracotta tub. I again reached down with the humidifier, plugged it in, and there was mist. I moved away and watched from the other room. He stayed in the pool another ten minutes thoroughly soaking up the mist and assuming his trademark butt mist position in the first minute. It still makes me giggle. Who needs words when even a turtle can communicate quite clearly. However, I wonder how many other turtles demand that their personal humidifiers be refilled?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nemo in the Spotlight

Nemo has been quite the inactive lump since his semi-hibernation. So Brian and I were very surprised Saturday night when he became the most active turtle likely in history in a single hour. We had company for dinner all sitting in Nemo's space at the table. You would think with so many humans around, a turtle would go into hiding. Not the unturtle! Upon our guests' arrival, Nemo promptly took a bath after making an obstacle course out of his route. During dinner time, he was back into the tub for bath complete with several butt mists. He then wandered over to Brian's feet and nudged his sneakers before climbing over his foot! After meandering around for awhile, he finally settled back under his summer home. We hadn't seen that much activity since the day I moved the cool mist humidifier by his former wading pool.

He was back to being a lump again yesterday but still quite cute with his positions. Today's cuteness was sleeping most of the day with his head tucked under the summer home (plastic bin) with it balancing on the middle of his head. Silly silly unturtle.

Will be adding pictures soon. Am still having computer problems and must juggle computers to do my blog with images.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turtle Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving. Much has happened this year--good and bad. I give thanks for Nemo coming into my life, for having my life, and for those in my life who bring me joy, heartfelt caring, and love. Because of Nemo, I have new friends, I believe others smile when I share his unturtleness (which, in turn, brings me joy), and I have a constant companion, even if he is in semi-hibernation and continues to turn his back on me when I talk to him.

His hibernating will mean fewer photo opportunities. I will share turtle care news and turtle myths and legends during Nemo's "downtime". Thank you for visiting his blog!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Turtle in the Hood

Nemo had a busy morning. I woke up late and found him sprawled in the center of his area in the warm air of his heater. As I entered the kitchen, he decided to explore the living room. Often he goes to visit the hippo that blocks him from getting behind the sofa. This time I had the camera. After two trips around the living room, he crawled into what would be the hood on a polar fleece baby blanket. He's been in the "pocket" before by accident. Apparently he decided he likes it. Hope you enjoy seeing him "in the hood" and peeking out.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nemo's Favorite Napping Position

This is Nemo's favorite way to sleep--head buried under a blanket. For winter, I placed an extra blankie for burrowing in each of his hides for warmth and extra deep snuggling. For now, he's happy just tucking his head out of sight.

My lesson for the week is blogs and computer problems do not go together. Am borrowing Brian's laptop while mine is "on vacation".

Earlier this week, Nemo turned video into reality when he decided to bathe while my Tao of Relaxation music was playing in the room. It was quite lovely to watch. Recently I have turned on "zen music" when I first wake up to feed him and make sure his cool mist humidifer is filled. Each time I have done that, he has come out of hiding. He must like it! He really is a zen turtle.

It had been suggested to me that possibly Nemo has been running and hiding from me lately is because my energy is low--I'm not feeling well. Maybe part of turtle "people recognition" includes sensing their energy. If mine changed, maybe he's not recognizing me right now? Maybe I have to rebond with him? The morning after considering this possibility, he awoke to zen music and proceeded to wander to my side of the room and meander around me--even touching my feet as he circled me. I didn't intrude--did not try to touch him. I thanked him for being nice. I'm hoping the tide is changing and he will "come out of his shell" for me. lol. Well, you can use your own words...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Preparing for Winter

See his foot in the lower left of the igloo? That's where Nemo spent from about 2 pm yesterday until sometime after I left the house for a few hours at 2:30 pm. When I returned home, he was perky, alert, and lounging in his little turquoise summer home across the room. "Yay, mom's gone. Now I can really have fun!"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nemo's Latest Video Released to YouTube

I am proud to announce the release of Nemo's latest video--Crouching Turtle--Nemo's Art of the Zen Bath. He adores his new wading dish and I was able to capture many moments on camera during his recent baths. I hope you enjoy it.

Revenge of the Turtle

I spoke earlier about changes being made to help Nemo develop a healthy appetite. One change is more exercise. Three times yesterday I moved him into the living room so he could explore and/or hike back to the kitchen. Twice today I had moved him to another location to hike back. The third time I went to get him, he had strategically wedged the lower part of his shell on one side underneath his igloo and another part of his shell on the opposite side under the wrought iron table leg. When I went to pick him up, he was immovable!

Only Nemo knows which way he needs to move to unwedge himself. I certainly did not want to risk damaging his shell! Smart turtle. He decided enough is enough. So much for that idea. I'll get him when he's not figuring out how not to have exercise time. He's too much like me!

Lessons from "The Dog Whisperer"

Please don’t give up on blog posts. They are in my head waiting to be written even if I’m not able to write them each day. Since being on medical leave, I tend to stay up later. If I remember, I watch The Dog Whisperer because it’s a nice non-intrusive program to have on while I’m doing other things. A few days ago, I was mostly watching the show. I do know dog behavior is more about response to human behavior.

The episode I watched was about a very hyper woman with a very hyper Chihuahua. The woman was convinced being hyper was who she was but wanted her dog to change. It dawned on me that I AM that irritating energy around Nemo. Brian and I joke about my high pitched turtle voice. How Nemo must cringe when I sing him little songs. So why am I doing that if those are my own thoughts about the impact of my interaction? I vowed from that moment I would lower my voice, make it more calming, no more songs, and provide zen music—native american soothing drums and flute like Carlos Nakai and soundtracks like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Relaxation of Tao, Memoirs of a Geisha, and bamboo flute selections. That is now in place. I’m sure it will take him some time to readapt to the “new” me.

He’s also still not eating. My friend with the two baby tortoises found some information online relative to box turtles. It indicated their body temperature needed to be between 75 and 80 degrees before they would eat—which is why they tend to eat after periods of activity. I read so much about box turtle care before Nemo arrived. He’s from North Carolina and lived outdoors. Naturally I thought 70 to 72 degrees was fine and it was from the time he came to be with me in June until about late August—which is also when my medical trauma intensified. So either or both could have impacted the “no eating diet”. You can see from a few entries ago that Nemo adores his heater. After reading the care information last night, I moved the digital room thermometer into his area. It is maintaining the proper temperature but I tend to keep the back door propped open a bit if it’s nice outside. Will just maintain warm temperature until he begins to eat again. Because, to me, that would be the unturtle part—a typically outdoor turtle who burrows in mud and leaves year round needs tropical temperatures. So be it.

The good news is he LOVES his new bath. I am actively putting together a new video of his zen bath ritual. I have received such joyful comments about Nemo’s “butt misting” pose. Thought you would enjoy a close up still of that pose.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Change & Adventure

Nemo's new wading pool arrived. It is as beautiful as I suspected. Actually, it's a bit deeper than I expected but was able to make a few adjustments to the surrounding environment to help him climb in and out. He seems to love the new depth. He immediately began to wiggle his back legs, a sure sign of acceptance.

Yesterday, it was such a lovely day, I opened the back door completely in hopes he might venture out again on his own. Thankfully I happened to walk in the kitchen as he was gazing outside. And I caught him climbing back in (unstressed) on his own. Nemo's big adventure.

Finally, yesterday I also caught Nemo meandering about the living room. He found his way to the base of the step landing. I'm not sure what he would do if he actually made it up the landing and tried to go upstairs. He certainly is curious about it though--climbing onto my gardening shoes to give him an extra boost. Perhaps he is scoping out the terrain to tackle that challenge another day. And I hope I'll have my camera nearby when he does it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tuscan Zen Turtle

I had a funny incident happen yesterday. I wanted to find Nemo a new wading pool. The one he has is the saucer to a very large pot, but I only purchased the saucer. The size is great. The color was great. But it wasn't made so well and it was leaking onto the floor slowly. With the intention of finding a new wading pool, I substituted a serving dish that was appropriate high but gave him about 2" less diameter--and Nemo loves his baths. first I searched 14" serving dishes online but couldn't tell how deep they were. I decided to google "turtle wading dish" to see what was on the market so I could figure out a less expensive alternative. The first hit I got was this blog! lol! In glancing through some of the other hits, someone mentioned a Pyrex baking dish. I didn't find Pyrex, but found THE perfect Nemo wading pool. It's perfect size for him, but also matches our Tuscan Zen decor. It's called Terracotta Cazuel. Ahhhhh. I can just see him on his little floating lounge chair now in the mist sipping cactus juice. If anyone is interested, I found this at

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nemo Finds A Bit of Sunshine

Nemo was lounging in his summer home yesterday when the sun through the back door surrounded his blanketed hide. He seemed ambivalent to my suggestion to come out into the sunshine. In fact, he turned his back to me so his head was in the far left corner. You can barely see the outline of his shell shaded in the house. But he shoved his head under the back corner so just his face was exposed to the sun.

I have no idea what he hears or understands, but he certainly did it his way. He remained in this position for quite some time. Also shown is a view from the other side. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're Having A Heat Wave

In yesterday's post, I spoke of the new smaller quieter space heater than shown in yesterday's picture. Because of Brian's knack for catching Nemo being more active than me (probably intentional on Nemo's part), he found our heat seeking pet sprawled out a few feet from the heater thoroughly enjoying the wafting warm air. Because one picture showing both the heater and Nemo would not be as expressive, I took the liberty of showing the new heater separately from Nemo luxuriating in the heat.

While I don't have a photo, Nemo did something rather extraordinary today. He went outdoors by himself! On nice days, I open the back door enough for a nice breeze to come through and place the draft dodger so the door doesn't close with the breeze. Knowing Nemo's feelings about the outdoors and the terrace, I have not worried about him attempting an escape. I'd been out of the kitchen for nearly an hour. When I returned I checked all the usual hiding places but no Nemo. After hearing a noise from outside, I glanced out to the deck (a/k/a the turtle terrace) and saw Nemo making a beeline toward the steps. I didn't know I could move so quickly. I grabbed the kiddie gate and made it outside before he reached the top of the step.

I guess because he "found" the terrace exploring on his own, the outdoors now seemed more palatable. I provided a folded up towel so he could reach the threshhold easily. Somehow I think his descent was not very graceful although he would have landed on the rubberized mat. He climbed back inside as if nothing eventful had happened. I watched from a distance for awhile as he climbed onto the draft dodger trying to balance himself on it to get back outside but he fell off, landing on his feet. From there it was time for a nap. Quite the busy unturtle day.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nemo Warms Up to Winter

It's not the most exciting picture in the world, but it is Nemo checking out the new monolith in his habitat. "What is this thing that brings forth magic warmth so my toes aren't cold?" As soon as something new is introduced into his world, he has to go see who or what the invader is. Very cat like...or other pet like. Curiosity usually doesn't go with a turtle.

Yesterday, the new heater arrived. The one in the photo worked fine but it was noisy. The new one is smaller and so much quieter. Once again Nemo quickly made friends with the new "keeper of the warmth" and was found napping near it last night. I placed a blankie near his chosen sleeping spot and he was found in the same position this morning except his head was poked under the blankie. That's my little guy!

Ooh, almost forgot. Nemo's new video is now on YouTube--Proof Turtles Can Be Cute. It's more of a slideshow of his adorable poses showing a typical Nemo Day. If you feel like voting for him, simply go to this link--Pet Video Contest #7--and write a comment that you vote for Nemo's video--Proof Turtles Can Be Cute. As much as we love those furry little critters, we think Nemo deserves a pat on the

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Temporary Blog Slowdown

Left: It's difficult to tell where Nemo's new prehsitoric friend ends and Nemo begins.

My frame of reference for time is way out of whack recently. Since July, I've had a number of surgeries, the most recent of which was 10/16. Much of the time I'm fighting sleepiness from meds for find it difficult to think, let alone spell or be creative. I did want you to know that Nemo is well. He makes me laugh daily. I have not been as prolific with my camera but Brian occasionally takes pictures for me. Today I mostly just wanted to say hi and assure Nemo's fans he is just as feisty and active as error, but Mom is tired and irritable. I am working during lucid moments on modifying one of his videos to submit for Pet Video #7 on YouTube. I found fun new music and hope all readers of this blog will enjoy it. I also hope to soon be back to at least feeling sufficiently awake and alert to do my daily entries. It is enjoyable for me to share his silliness.
When I locate my photo card, I'll add the picture of Nemo checking out his new ceramic space heater. Soon after setting it up, he was exploring the new object and also quickly finding the many places he could lounge and still feel the warm air.

Typically Eastern Box Turtles winter outdoors so you wouldn't think 70 degrees would be chilly. Then again, Nemo is an un-turtle. He has become so much more active since his area became closer to 78-80 degrees rather than 70-72 degrees. Who knew 70 degrees could be so inhibiting of cute turtle behaviors. I got the heater after noticing he seemed "huddled", in spite of his "turtle neck". lol. We will have to wait and see if he chooses to hibernate in his blankies or not. He is still fussing with food. I have ordered a new brand of box turtle complete diet and canned food. There really are only two manufacturers. Hopefully, he will like the second manufacturer. In the meantime, he now dines from his CB2 black matte sushi dish which he can reach more easily, as pointed out by Brian.
Another quick update...Nemo now waits in his bath water if no one is around until someone comes by and notices the mist has stopped. lol. How cute and demanding is that?! And several mornings, he has been waiting at his log for me to turn his basking lamp on since he knows that is the first thing I do when I get up.

Please don't give up on lack of new posts. I simply need more energy and a bit more healing. Thanks to all who are Nemo fans!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nemo's Busy Half Hour

So many photos were taken since yesterday morning, I'm not sure which to show. Brian was home for awhile when I was gone. He was getting some work done upstairs in his office. He told me what happened but also took photos so I wouldn't miss any of Nemo's cuteness. I'm not sure why, but Nemo is all over the place when Brian is around. If I walk into the kitchen, he either looks at me as if to say "bug off' or he now has the habit of turning his back on me and pouting in the corner. What did I do??
First he was taking a bath. A few minutes later he attempting the great climb onto his basking log from the most impossible climbing point. Okay, we know he loves to challenge himself. Look how proud he looks! Next, he was doing jungle gym playtime on the wine rack across the room. During Brian's next trip downstairs, Nemo was standing by the dishwasher (an area of the kitchen he is seldom SEEN in--which means he may visit anytime he's alone or thinks he's alone or Brian is there. Not long afterwards he was back on the other side of the room perched on his intersection. Basically, he was all over the place within the time span of one half hour. Some of his photos are at Flickr. Some I may use for a future video. A few are here for your enjoyment.

The New Favorite Hang-Out

This morning, Nemo (who had gone to sleep by his igloo) was happily lounging inside the wine rack. I find it interesting that he seemed to struggle to get through the holes from both directions in the past few days as shown in other blog photos. In these two, he's just chillin'. Maybe he was testing the inner sanctum's security first? He's been there ALL day. Usually he's at least visited two of his four hang outs by now. Possibly he's staking his claim because Iggy and the stuffed animal turtle also "reside" by the wine rack now. Maybe they are best buds. In any event, Nemo is still being Nemo.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Afternoon Nap with "Pillow"

Nemo has adopted this lump of mat covering one of the wrought iron curly cues of his basking lamp table. He seems to love resting his chin on lumps of blankets. This is the first really good look I had at seeing how he stretches his head out to rest it on a "pillow" of blanket or rug. Doesn't he look so peaceful?

I still think it is odd that he will curl up in as much of a circle as he can like a cat to sleep. My assumption would have been that turtles would pull into their shells to sleep. Guess he wants to see what's going on.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

On your mark, get set...

Possibly Nemo would win this race.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Un-Notes Featuring the Un-Turtle

Okay. I goofed. I had just completed my 2008 Nemo calendar at and was ready to order when I decided to check out other products I could make with his photos. I loved the idea of the accordian fold note card. I was so excited to pick out and arrange the photos and place my order for six of the cards.

The cards arrived and look GREAT! Then I went to send one to my friend and realized I had forgotten to leave a blank spot to write a note! I did send the notecard with another notecard that was actually made to write notes. Go figure. Too funny. Still laughing at myself. Yesterday I was forcing a friend to watch Nemo videos, look at the 2008 Nemo calendar, see the blog, and view the notecard which I spontaneously called the "un-note". So here it is, THE one and only Nemo the Un-Turtle Un-Note card.

New ones have been ordered allowing for writing space; but they won't be as much fun. I wonder what the people printing my card thought. Maybe, "Hey, we got another one doing that." lol. They may possibly have lots of duplicate orders because, unless you figure out that there are other layouts besides one side all photos, I'm sure un-note cards happen.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nemo Goes From Grumpy to Comfy

One area where Nemo is very turtle (although many humans fall into this category) is he detests when you move his stuff around. Turtles are very sensory and learn their territories by sight and smell and touch. It disorients them if something is moved. I did rearrange some of his area to better accommodate for chiller weather. He was mad at me for a day. He pouted the next day but poked his head out when I was around. Yesterday was wine rack jungle gym time so he was getting over that change. Today he found a comfy place to lounge at the base of the wrought iron table used as an attractive place to clamp his basking lamp.

If you have seen Cirque du Soleil Nemo balanced on the wrought iron curly cue base, the green blanket in the photo is a cushion for those things. He does like to perch himself on those...heaven only knows why.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Low Shell Clearance

The wine rack and Nemo's hay and greens feeding area.

Nemo determined to fit through one of the bottle openings:

Look at that foot shoving off under Iggy's foot.

Pushing off Iggy might be better leverage.

Determination from both sides before exiting left over the stuffed animal turtle which is the side entrance with plenty of clearance.

Nemo typically does this when he comes to any enclosure. "The grass is always greener..." must be his motto. After taking the photos, I wanted to make sure he was not in distress. I tapped my fingers to the left making a clicking sound I use for his attention. He reluctantly gave up going through the bottle opening and practically jumped over the turtle to exit. He knew exactly how to get out! And was probably annoyed I ruined his fun. Silly me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nemo As Focused Goalie

Nemo's expressions are priceless. He sure looks like he's determined to make sure no one enters HIS space! Also reminded me of a goalie preparing for that puck to coming flying from any direction or watching that soccer team run down the field and the goalie knows "I gotta stop that ball!" Nemo is ready. Wonder if they make little iceskates or goalie padding for turtles?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nemo - Before & After

Brian and I were looking at Nemo photos on his new 22" high def computer monitor today. We were noticing the incredible detail in his shell (that would be Nemo's shell). And how gorgeous his shell looks. I recalled that his shell had been dull and cracking a bit when I first got him. I don't think I found the "turtle wax" until about six weeks ago online. I've been using it once a week. In one of the earliest photos of Nemo (below) you can see how dull his shell was and especially dry around the bottom rim. You can also see his body language! Yikes. Poor little guy was scared and unsure about everything. But look at him now. Just scrolling through the blog you can see how comfortable he is and happy. I'm glad he adjusted so incredibly well and is so healthy.

For those with pet turtles who are interested, this is an unsolicited endorsement of Turtle VitaShell (shell and skin conditioner). He doesn't like it when I massage it in but I make a big deal out of praising him and saying things like, "Oooh, doesn't that feel sooo good?" Like it makes a difference. lol. We'll just call it tough love.

Poor scared, dull-shelled Nemo:

Friday, September 28, 2007

Nite Nite Nemo

The quality of this photo is not the greatest. I was up in the wee hours of the morning and could barely see Nemo in the corner. I didn't want to turn the light on and wake him. I took the picture with flash and then used about every touchup filter to make his snuggledness visible. He is so relaxed. Love his left arm tucked backwards and how he is under the blanket so just his shell is covered with his little leggies sprawled out the back. Shhhh, he's sleeping.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Posing Pretty For The Camera

Nemo has trained Brian and I to get down on our stomachs on the floor to take his picture. I think he's thinking "good human" whenever we do that. He certainly isn't camera shy. Looks like a dog show pose. Head up and arched pretty for the camera. Look how innocent he looks in this!

Nemo has occasionally been seen meandering a certain path from the kitchen into the living room, around the chair and ottoman, and back into the kitchen. I was up about 4:30 am today. He came out of his cozy blanketed sleeping spot to look at me. He even came over to my area of the room which scared me. Thought I saw a huge spider at first. lol. I went into the living room to look at computer a few minutes before returning to bed. I happened to notice him coming around the corner from the ottoman.

He was trying to be nonchalant about actually seeing me. Of course he wouldn't be in the room just because I was there! It's fun to watch him become more comfortable in getting closer to Brian and me...but not too close. It will be on his terms. I guess we do laps around the kitchen and the living room now.