Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nemo's Busy Half Hour

So many photos were taken since yesterday morning, I'm not sure which to show. Brian was home for awhile when I was gone. He was getting some work done upstairs in his office. He told me what happened but also took photos so I wouldn't miss any of Nemo's cuteness. I'm not sure why, but Nemo is all over the place when Brian is around. If I walk into the kitchen, he either looks at me as if to say "bug off' or he now has the habit of turning his back on me and pouting in the corner. What did I do??
First he was taking a bath. A few minutes later he attempting the great climb onto his basking log from the most impossible climbing point. Okay, we know he loves to challenge himself. Look how proud he looks! Next, he was doing jungle gym playtime on the wine rack across the room. During Brian's next trip downstairs, Nemo was standing by the dishwasher (an area of the kitchen he is seldom SEEN in--which means he may visit anytime he's alone or thinks he's alone or Brian is there. Not long afterwards he was back on the other side of the room perched on his intersection. Basically, he was all over the place within the time span of one half hour. Some of his photos are at Flickr. Some I may use for a future video. A few are here for your enjoyment.

The New Favorite Hang-Out

This morning, Nemo (who had gone to sleep by his igloo) was happily lounging inside the wine rack. I find it interesting that he seemed to struggle to get through the holes from both directions in the past few days as shown in other blog photos. In these two, he's just chillin'. Maybe he was testing the inner sanctum's security first? He's been there ALL day. Usually he's at least visited two of his four hang outs by now. Possibly he's staking his claim because Iggy and the stuffed animal turtle also "reside" by the wine rack now. Maybe they are best buds. In any event, Nemo is still being Nemo.