Sunday, June 1, 2008

And the turtle will have lox & bagel

Someone who follows Nemo activities suggested I try smoked salmon as a tasty offering. I happen to love Nova smoked salmon, bagel, and cream cheese. Since I like it, it was a good bet the unturtle would like it. I checked online to make sure salmon was a safe turtle food. It was.

Yesterday morning I smooshed a piece of bagel, placed a dime-sized piece of salmon inside, and made a turtle salmon wrap. I actually made two. He downed the one while I prepared the second. A success! Nemo likes two kinds of fish.

Attempting to build on yesterday's success, today I thawed a shrimp and warmed up some box turtle pellets so they were soft. I made a little bagel panini again, this time with shrimp and just a few pellets. A second one just had shrimp in it. When I checked later, he had eaten the bagel with just the shrimp. The other he had opened up and picked the shrimp out! What a brat! Just like a cat or dog might do. I had a potbellied pig that did the same thing. Guess Nemo just doesn't want his veggies. But I will not give up!