Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lost in the Mist

As Nemo's video agent , I have been looking for 4 days for his new video to go live. It can't be found in a search but has now had 80 views. I decided it was lost because a large amount of backlogged videos were posted today...minus Nemo. Being the ever diligent overseer of turtle videos, I decided to modify the first one slightly and upload it a second time. I am so pleased with the revised version. In fact, this morning Nemo was lounging in such a funny position with his legs stretched straight back behind him, I took several pictures which turned out great. They were added to the video and the first picture on this post is the "cover photo" for the video. If you haven't posted to YouTube, whatever picture shows up as a choice for the cover graphic is what you get. This is the first time I am tickled pink with the choice.

Enjoy either of Nemo's "mist" videos. The second one has a few extra touches. Hope you find his little turtle legs and feet as cute as I do!