Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nemo's Latest Video Released to YouTube

I am proud to announce the release of Nemo's latest video--Crouching Turtle--Nemo's Art of the Zen Bath. He adores his new wading dish and I was able to capture many moments on camera during his recent baths. I hope you enjoy it.

Revenge of the Turtle

I spoke earlier about changes being made to help Nemo develop a healthy appetite. One change is more exercise. Three times yesterday I moved him into the living room so he could explore and/or hike back to the kitchen. Twice today I had moved him to another location to hike back. The third time I went to get him, he had strategically wedged the lower part of his shell on one side underneath his igloo and another part of his shell on the opposite side under the wrought iron table leg. When I went to pick him up, he was immovable!

Only Nemo knows which way he needs to move to unwedge himself. I certainly did not want to risk damaging his shell! Smart turtle. He decided enough is enough. So much for that idea. I'll get him when he's not figuring out how not to have exercise time. He's too much like me!

Lessons from "The Dog Whisperer"

Please don’t give up on blog posts. They are in my head waiting to be written even if I’m not able to write them each day. Since being on medical leave, I tend to stay up later. If I remember, I watch The Dog Whisperer because it’s a nice non-intrusive program to have on while I’m doing other things. A few days ago, I was mostly watching the show. I do know dog behavior is more about response to human behavior.

The episode I watched was about a very hyper woman with a very hyper Chihuahua. The woman was convinced being hyper was who she was but wanted her dog to change. It dawned on me that I AM that irritating energy around Nemo. Brian and I joke about my high pitched turtle voice. How Nemo must cringe when I sing him little songs. So why am I doing that if those are my own thoughts about the impact of my interaction? I vowed from that moment I would lower my voice, make it more calming, no more songs, and provide zen music—native american soothing drums and flute like Carlos Nakai and soundtracks like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Relaxation of Tao, Memoirs of a Geisha, and bamboo flute selections. That is now in place. I’m sure it will take him some time to readapt to the “new” me.

He’s also still not eating. My friend with the two baby tortoises found some information online relative to box turtles. It indicated their body temperature needed to be between 75 and 80 degrees before they would eat—which is why they tend to eat after periods of activity. I read so much about box turtle care before Nemo arrived. He’s from North Carolina and lived outdoors. Naturally I thought 70 to 72 degrees was fine and it was from the time he came to be with me in June until about late August—which is also when my medical trauma intensified. So either or both could have impacted the “no eating diet”. You can see from a few entries ago that Nemo adores his heater. After reading the care information last night, I moved the digital room thermometer into his area. It is maintaining the proper temperature but I tend to keep the back door propped open a bit if it’s nice outside. Will just maintain warm temperature until he begins to eat again. Because, to me, that would be the unturtle part—a typically outdoor turtle who burrows in mud and leaves year round needs tropical temperatures. So be it.

The good news is he LOVES his new bath. I am actively putting together a new video of his zen bath ritual. I have received such joyful comments about Nemo’s “butt misting” pose. Thought you would enjoy a close up still of that pose.