Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finding Nemo

Nemo has buried himself underneath the Stegasaurus before. I don't know if he knows what good camouflage the stuffed animal is. But it's even better with the soft brown throw blanketing his igloo since changing the "bedding". Yesterday, Nemo made his way from his summer home hangout to snuggle up next to the quiet brown dinosaur. Maybe it's a foretelling of his willingness to be buddies with Linus.

My prediction was that Nemo would go to the now brown igloo after his next hydration, so that appears to be true. Although, at the moment, he has burrowed next to the igloo in the corner behind the Stegasaurus which I really need to name. Hmmm...Bronson (brown dinosaur). Bronson it is. Nemo looks very cozy nestled into the plush brown throw even if it isn't exactly IN the igloo.

More updates to follow.