Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creature Comfort

Here it is, folks. My turtle snuggled up somehow on his own having made this cozy hiding place out of his favorite "substrate", baby blanket. Look at that arm crooked and hanging over the blankie while he peeks out. It's too cute. Who couldn't love that face?

Zen Basking

Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be any other way Nemo could lounge on his basking log, I found him luxuriating in his spa-like sunning area with his little froggy legs dangling behind him. If you go to the link of Nemo's Flickr photos on the upper right, you can see how his front legs sometimes point backwards which is what he was doing when his back legs were dangling. This is one chilled out turtle. Yesterday, he napped with both Brian and I in his space with his neck fully extended and turned to the right resting on the blanket like a pillow. This is not a turtle worried about predators. He doesn't just exist--he truly embraces his life in his Zen space. Okay, maybe not his outdoor Zen garden as planned, but he does have a Zen turtle space. He's my handsome little Zen un-turtle.