Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nemo's Favorite Napping Position

This is Nemo's favorite way to sleep--head buried under a blanket. For winter, I placed an extra blankie for burrowing in each of his hides for warmth and extra deep snuggling. For now, he's happy just tucking his head out of sight.

My lesson for the week is blogs and computer problems do not go together. Am borrowing Brian's laptop while mine is "on vacation".

Earlier this week, Nemo turned video into reality when he decided to bathe while my Tao of Relaxation music was playing in the room. It was quite lovely to watch. Recently I have turned on "zen music" when I first wake up to feed him and make sure his cool mist humidifer is filled. Each time I have done that, he has come out of hiding. He must like it! He really is a zen turtle.

It had been suggested to me that possibly Nemo has been running and hiding from me lately is because my energy is low--I'm not feeling well. Maybe part of turtle "people recognition" includes sensing their energy. If mine changed, maybe he's not recognizing me right now? Maybe I have to rebond with him? The morning after considering this possibility, he awoke to zen music and proceeded to wander to my side of the room and meander around me--even touching my feet as he circled me. I didn't intrude--did not try to touch him. I thanked him for being nice. I'm hoping the tide is changing and he will "come out of his shell" for me. lol. Well, you can use your own words...