Thursday, November 1, 2007

Change & Adventure

Nemo's new wading pool arrived. It is as beautiful as I suspected. Actually, it's a bit deeper than I expected but was able to make a few adjustments to the surrounding environment to help him climb in and out. He seems to love the new depth. He immediately began to wiggle his back legs, a sure sign of acceptance.

Yesterday, it was such a lovely day, I opened the back door completely in hopes he might venture out again on his own. Thankfully I happened to walk in the kitchen as he was gazing outside. And I caught him climbing back in (unstressed) on his own. Nemo's big adventure.

Finally, yesterday I also caught Nemo meandering about the living room. He found his way to the base of the step landing. I'm not sure what he would do if he actually made it up the landing and tried to go upstairs. He certainly is curious about it though--climbing onto my gardening shoes to give him an extra boost. Perhaps he is scoping out the terrain to tackle that challenge another day. And I hope I'll have my camera nearby when he does it!