Monday, August 18, 2008

Nemo Goes to the Vet

Nemo was not a happy camper today. We took him to the vet for lack of appetite, lack of basking, and lack of hydrating. He never quite came out of hibernation as perky as he was before hibernation. We miss his laps around the living room.

Dr. Amy weighed him in at 1.1 pounds. He didn't lose any weight which was good. The vet determined Nemo was dehydrated. She had him hydrated and also gave him vitamin shots and a small dose of antibiotic in case there was something going on that she couldn't see. His mouth was very pink though...a good sign.

The vet technician returned Nemo to the exam room after the vet took him for his shots. She proclaimed Nemo very upset confirming he hissed at her and let her know just how displeased he was. lol. That's our Nemo. The vitamin shots should stimulate his appetite. We also need to let him soak in an escape-proof tubbie for 20 minutes each day. We have a follow up appointment in three weeks. If he's still doing his necessary turtle activities, he'll have more vitamin B. Doesn't sound like anything serious, but I'm glad we took him to the vet.

Brian happened to have his camera in the back of the car and found Nemo especially amusing in his agitated state of being out of his Zen habitat. I'm happy to have photos of a turtle vet visit! Normally I wouldn't have considered that a photo op.

After getting home, Nemo parked himself directly in his garage. Later, after searching all of his hides, I realized he was the lump under the blankie in front of his summer home. We'll give him a break until his bath tomorrow.