Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucy's Latest Photos

Will I be this big one day?

Snoozing on Iggy's foot.

Lucy noticing Nemo trying to sneek behind her.

Napping against the stuffie turtle. Must be comfy for a tortoise.

Lucy is growing. She can no longer snuggle in next to Nemo in the summer home. She tries to climb on top of him or push him over. We resolved that issue by providing a wider summer home. It's a wooden stepstool so has no back wall to it. They seem to like sharing space under the blanket under the stepstool. No more shoving contests. When not under the blanket of the new summer home, Lucy has an affinity for snuggling with the reptile stuffed animals. She especially likes resting on the iguana's foot.

Lucy likes to sleep in. Once she awakes she slowlllly makes her way over to the basking log, climbs aboard, and let's out a huge yawn while she raises her body temperature before diving into her food dish. She doesn't drink water or like her wading pool. She eats tons of leafy greens though and is not lacking in nutrition.

Nemo is intent on hibernating but we "force" him to bathe each day to keep him hydrated. He fusses before getting in his tubby but then takes a 20-minute Zen bath. He doesn't eat anything except his shrimp and seems happy. He can get veggies anytime by going to Lucy's dish. And we use spray vitamin supplement plus forcefeeding vitamins at least once a week. Sometimes he'll eat shrimp sprinkled with Lucy's vitamin enriched dandelion powder.

I have nearly two cassettes of video now. When I get creative and physical energy at the same time, I'll work on my first Nemo & Lucy video.