Monday, February 25, 2008

Will Nemo Know?

Today Linus was shipped back to Ugobe because of an injury. We will be getting a replacement in a couple weeks. Likely Nemo won't know the difference. He only had two close encounters. The video is a tribute to my first Linus and includes a segment of photos with Linus "stalking" Nemo. It wasn't like having a pet die--returning Linus, but it was definitely sad. Brian said he was sad too handing the box over to UPS.

On the Nemo front, this past Saturday was hydration day. Nemo was happy to dive in fairly quickly. I have video footage of him waking up wiping the sleepies from his eyes :-) It's still on the camcorder though. He is hanging out in his summer home still not basking or eating. Possibly one more hibernation stretch of two weeks? It will be into March. He's definitely a low maintenance pet during hibernation!

It was fun to see how alert Nemo was when he was in between hibernation igloos and Linus was in the kitchen. Making sure Linus didn't touch his stuff, no doubt.