Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nemo Meets the Roomba

My Roomba stopped working around the time Nemo came into my life in June. Yesterday, a new Roomba moved in. This morning I had the energy to Roomba and Swiffer the floor which included Nemo's space. As I began to move his igloo, jungle gym, and other hides and accessories out of the room, he retreated to his summer home and watched me with disdain as I touched and actually relocated his stuff. By the time I cleared the room, Nemo was in the back of his summer home withdrawn into his shell. I put a gate around his little spot since the Roomba would simply touch the gate and move away.

The Roomba went to work with its loud whirring. Rather than stay hidden, Nemo came out to see what the commotion was. He watched the Roomba and moved quickly to whichever side of his gate the Roomba happened to move. He soon started to try to climb the gate and stick his head out of the spaces. When the Roomba moved to the other side of the room to clean, I removed the gate. Nemo was quickly on the move--not away from it--but toward it! For awhile he watched it from behind the wall as a cat would watch its prey. When the Roomba started to come toward him, he quickly turned around and scampered but the Roomba caught up and bumped his shell before moving in another direction. I wish I had a photo of the expression on his face. "What the heck was THAT?!" He looked so confused. lol.

This picture shows Nemo and the Roomba only about three feet apart.

It is just before the Roomba went toward him and he made a run for it. He was so brave until that point. Then he wandered into the living room to escape the round intruder. The kiddie gate kept him out until the floor dried. He watched as I set up his summer home and immediately came back into the kitchen into his hide and watched carefully as I returned all his belongings. When I was done, he explored all of his areas as if to make sure everything was where it should be. Quite an exciting turtle morning I would say.