Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nemo's Secret Life

I had suspected that Nemo might be like Michigan J. Frog from cartoon fame. Some may recall that a kind man found a frog and took it home as his pet. All the frog ever did when the owner was around was sit and ribbit. However, as soon as the owner was gone, the frog would whip out a hat and cane and sing and dance to "Hello, my baby, hello, my honey..." Always made me giggle.

I could not have known this without Brian's help. Brian was in the kitchen as was I, but I was leaving the room periodically to attend to other matters. As soon as I was gone, Brian said Nemo would come out and do about five activities and be back in his original position by the time I returned. During one of my "absences", he took a lap around the room, soaked in his tub, and climbed over his log before returning where I, of course, would have assumed he had stayed. What's up with that?

I wanted to share the picture of Nemo's igloo which is now adorned with an adorable hand-made sign of wood letters, a wood turtle, and stenciling of leaves. The precious sign was made for Nemo by one of his most adoring fans who happens to be four years old.

My blogging has slowed down for health reasons but will try to share at least a photo or two even if I'm unable to write much for now. It has now been four days and Nemo's new video has not made it "live" on YouTube. Apparently they have a backlog of processing. But his video has 70 views before it has become publicly known. Isn't it odd that the video is earning honors for the past two days but you can't find it in a search of their website? The link provided above to his videos does include Turtle in the Mist. Am hoping it will make many people giggle.

The photo to the left is Nemo in one of his favorite lounging spots by the door stopper in an exotic turtle yoga pose looking extremely relaxed.