Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Honors While Star Lounges in Summer Home

This is a typical afternoon for Nemo. His overturned plastic bin has been dubbed his summer home since his other main hide is the cat igloo. He has had his mid-day nap and is lounging from the security of his hide behind the chair and intentionally bunched up blankie. He may stay this way for several hours. Why not? He looks very comfy. Yesterday's lounging spot was on the right side of his summer home.

While oblivious to all the commotion, Nemo's improved video has been online with YouTube since last night and received two honors today already. I was able to spruce up the video even more and that was submitted to a Photo Contest posted via YouTube video by artist Deborah Company. When that submission is processed, I guess I will have three versions of Nemo's video online. This last one includes his dangling feet photo as the beginning of the video which I like a lot--and some of the graphics were improved. My, Nemo has certainly challenged me in many ways. Movie making had not been on my conscious agenda!

In other Nemo news of the day, I called to get him his first vet appointment so he is on file with a doctor in case of emergency. There are only two vets in the area I know to be good with reptiles. I was told they were not accepting new "patients". in hmmmphhhh. In my past life I had seen both vets for exotic pets I had raised. Hopefully, one of them will remember me and agree to take on Nemo as an exception. I especially want to ask questions about his diet! Am guessing he takes after me since I model the following behavior: "Ummmm, should I have the Cherry's Garcia or the Double Fudge Brownie frozen yogurt for dinner?"