Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nemo Bonding Moment

All was ready for Nemo's bath today. I waited awhile to see if he would venture out of his summer home on his own. When he stayed parked in the corner, I picked him up in my hand, as I always do, and talked to him and petted his nose and feet. Usually he just squirms. Today I started to carry him over near his bathing spa area and stopped at the back door where the sun was shining through.

Holding Nemo in my hand, facing the courtyard scene, he stopped struggling and simply looked very curiously right and left several times...taking it all in. It's the longest he has stayed still while being held. Very exciting turtle bonding moment.

I placed my hand down on the floor for him to disembark on his own. He looked in the direction of the bath, turned his head, and marched right back into his summer home. So much for a nice outing. He was treated to scrambled egg today which he likely won't touch. But it is there. One day he will eat. He has to, right?

The photo shown with this post was taken several days ago when he decided to lounge in his garage.