Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chelonian diplomacy

It appears Nemo and Lucy have settled into a sharing arrangement for best sleeping spot. After I did my morning Chelonian chores, while my two shell-carrying kids slept in, I moved to the main kitchen area to prepare their meals. I saw Nemo climb over Lucy's back to come out and watch me. Much to my surprise, he meandered over to Lucy's bathtub and helped himself to a dip and a long drink. Maybe he thinks it's his new water dish. Then he came around the corner to visit me! That was a huge surprise. He used to do that pre-hibernation.

He marched over to the baby gate (even on the correct side) looking into the living room. I opened the gate and he simply continued walking like it was a normal thing for a turtle to do. Perhaps he understands the gate is to keep Lucy in and not to keep him out. After circling the living room he returned to his sleeping spot next to sleepy Lucy who barely noticed Nemo tromping on her. Ahhhh. A new normal? This is good.

Now if I could get Lucy to stop thinking toes and fingers are food, we'll be set.