Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Day in the Life of the Un-Turtle

Today was production day for Nemo's most "sophisticated" YouTube video to date. It was fun to make. I even figured out some frame transitions. It includes my favorite photos of Nemo and some footage of him moving. It will likely be my last one for awhile. Will need to accumulate new footage. I'm sure there will be an unending supply of adorable Nemo photos for the blog though.

Aside from my having a busy morning camped out on my sofa recuperating from surgery, Nemo had quite a busy morning too. He made two laps around the kitchen when I first woke up stopping to check out his domain: was his cuttlebone still the way he left it, was anything moved for which he did not give permission, and something must be going on inside his igloo that he keeps stopping in for brief visits.

He seems to be more active when both Brian and I are here. We are usually in the living room and each of us will say hello to him as we pass by his habitat on our way to the kitchen. Today he decided to venture into the living room surprising Brian as he went toward the kitchen. I remained on the sofa and was greatly amused by his marching between the big chair and ottoman and circling back into the kitchen. For two days he has been a lump. Today must be activity day.

As you can see, I caught him in another unusual relaxation pose this morning. What is it with his legs? Brian thinks he's double jointed. lol.