Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nemo Checking for Safe Passage

This morning Nemo's lump under the blanket had moved. Last night he had crawled under the blanket outside his summer home, but he was on the floor rather than between layers of the blanket. I always think it's too cold that way. I moved him from the floor to between the blanket layers but in the same spot.

A few minutes later the lump and changed position and Nemo's nose came poking out followed by his head. It was a cute moment. I'm thinking he was making sure the coast was clear of that little dinosaur. Sometimes that turtle can move amazingly fast. After turning away for a few moments, Brian turned his head back to see Nemo had hightailed (?) it over to his wading dish. He had a nice leisurely bath and plodded back to his summer home.

Both Brian and I are in awe of his state of health and energy having not eaten basically since October. He didn't go into full hibernation until just after Thanksgiving but had cut back substantially on food. I wish I could do that safely for a few weeks to shed my extra pounds!

Hopefully Nemo's blog will become more active shortly. Springtime is very close.