Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Talk to the Shell

Brian is so funny. Last night when he saw Nemo's photo stomping back into the house from the terrace, he proclaimed Nemo was thinking "Talk to the shell." As you may recall, Brian is also the source of "Does this shell make my butt look big?" I think he likes "our" pet turtle.

By the way, Nemo's "tough love" diet has been harder on me than him. I seem to have great difficulty not feeding him for three days. Am trying to get better. Today is just fruit. Now if I could just not feel guilty about 2 pm when he still hasn't eaten anything and offer him a shrimp... "The Dog Whisperer" says there are no bad dogs, only bad owners--or something to that effect. I'm not being a very good turtle mom. And he looks so cute when eats a bite of bagel. He LOVES his bagels. What's a mother to do?