Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"It's Not Spring Yet!" harumphs Nemo

A few days ago I took Nemo to the back door to feel the sunshine. He was calm in my hands. But as soon as I placed him down on the floor, he marched into his igloo--well into it. Haven't seen him since. I think he grew tired of my daily window visits. And he wasn't bathing anyway.

This morning, Brian and I thoroughly cleaned his floor area and towels and wading area. In doing so, I pulled the mat upon which his igloo sits across the floor...and back again. Apparently it had no affect on him whatsoever.

He has a nice clean bathtub and mister. I will get him out again for hydration on Saturday, the first day after Spring has begun. Maybe then... Of course this morning both Pleos were howling at each other in quite a funny symphony. I'm thinking Nemo thought to himself that he would be nuts to come out to that racket.