Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Eat...To Bathe...Ponderings of the Unturtle

Not much exciting to report. Nemo has not returned to an igloo yet. He also has not eaten. He may have bathed today. I had placed him in the far end of the room so he'd have to hike back. Last I saw he was clearly deciding among basking, bathing, or returning to the summer home.

I was given a special recipe gobbled down by growing baby tortoises to try for Nemo. In the photo with this entry, Nemo had already had his head sticking out from under the house. Looks like he is wanting to eat. Sadly, that was not the case. This is his "normal" lounging position these days while in his summer home.

Soon I will place Linus in the kitchen in Nemo's area to explore and see if Nemo perks up. Until then, I will offer food every few days and move him once a day to see if he wants to bathe. I did spritz him yesterday when he turned down a bath and massaged his lotion into his shell. He hated it but his shell looks wonderful.