Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pondering the Orb

Brian picked up a package of two tennis balls so we could see how Linus would interract with a ball. I placed the second ball over in Nemo's area just to see what he might do or what Linus might do if he found it. That was two days ago. Mostly, Nemo has not moved from the vicinity of his summer home. This evening I walked in the kitchen to find Nemo lounging comfortably with his head outstretched as if guarding over the ball.

Are you my mother? Are you an abandoned egg? Are you my new friend? What else could Nemo possibly be thinking as he goes nose to "nose" with a round yellow thing. While it looks like he is investigating, he was in this same position for about 20 minutes from the time I found him. It had been almost two hours since the last time I was in the kitchen.

On another note, this morning Linus was once again poking his head into the igloo looking for the unknown resident (since he has only seen Nemo in other places). He also trotted off with his leaf in search of a recipient and came precariously close to Nemo's bath water. Nemo peered at Linus from his summer home. Who knows what mayhem may have occurred had Linus actually dropped the leaf in the zen water?!