Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nemo vs. Caterpillar

While pruning in my garden today, I found a big yellow fuzzy caterpillar. Normally I hate insects but I recall playing with caterpillars when I was younger. So, contrary to my basic nature, I allowed the fuzzy wuzzy to crawl in my finger. It looked really beautiful when it walked--a big fuzzy ripple. As much as I do try to preserve life, I would rather introduce a caterpillar to Nemo than a live worm.

Nemo was inside burrowed completely under his blanket in line with the heater wafting over him. I lifted up the blanket and placed the caterpillar next to him. The fuzzy guy promptly began to climb the baseboard and headed right in front of Nemo on the baseboard. Nemo caught sight of it and perked up. He watched it intently as it wriggled back and forth. The caterpillar, apparently not viewing Nemo as a threat, wandered back and sort of hung out near Nemo. So much for that.

During Nemo's daily soaking, I introduced the caterpillar on a sprig of the plant it had been climbing on when I caught it. Once again, Nemo showed curiosity and even placed his beak to barely touch the fuzziness. I think he just didn't know what to make of it. While flopping around in his forced bathing container, the little fuzzy guy decided to swim after Nemo. Nemo swam for his life. lol. "Ewwww! It's coming after me!" Then tragically, the caterpillar got swept up in the undercurrent created by Nemo's thrashing.

It was a noble sacrifice. The caterpillar was laid to rest in Nemo's food dish along with the pink flower. We're fairly certain it will not be a meal. Nemo has the response to eating normal turtle food that we have to eating insects. Guess I don't blame him. I would have been so very happy though if he had eaten it. I'm so worried about him still not eating. Next vet appointment is a week from Thursday.