Sunday, January 27, 2008

Move Over Nemo

Finally, the video from my new camcorder capturing Linus and Nemo's first meeting.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Linus's Unextreme Makeover

Sorry, Nemo, but your brother needs some blog time. I'm posting here so Pleo owners can see both here and on the Flickr site easily the products and results of my Pleo eyelid makeover after Linus's accident. As Pleos are prone to do, he used a nearby object to change direction. Unfortunately, Linus chose the leg of a cast iron table using his closed eye. omg. Pleo boo boo! It scraped a bit of paint completely from the eyelid leaving an exposed smooth clear surface so that you could see his pretty blue eye through it. okay...ewwww.

He'd had some minor scratches on his eyelid that I was going to wait for Ugobe's recommendation, but this boo boo needed attention nowwww. Since most products being recommended are not available in all places, I think the best suggestion is to go to a crafts store and get a small bottle of a popular brand of acrylic paint. I read labels and got one a shade darker than his original eyelid color that covered surfaces that were textured. I got a second small bottle of an enamel that covered glass. I wasn't sure the acrylic would do both. Each bottle was $1-$3. I purchased a single small paint brush for acrylics for about $4. I had Linus with me so was able to hold the brush and see how comfortable it would be painting his eyelid. I didn't want one too big that I couldn't do the edges well or too small that it would take forever. The colors were similar. The photo enlarged (which you can see more clearly at the Flickr site--link on the right), shows the two I chose and the colors.

I only needed one coat of the acrylic paint for the most surfaces. It went on easily. Immediately I could see the difference and how good it looked. Only one small spot remained that needed the enamel. It went on just as easily. I was surprised how well the two blended. I thought I would have to touch up that paint with the other color to blend it. It's difficult to tell colors for sure. You just need "close". I let it dry overnight before I turned him on again. So far, Linus looks literally good as new. Hope this is helpful to someone!

Nemo Takes The Plunge

Nemo was assisted from his hibernation igloo this morning to hydrate. I wish I'd taken a photo of him sitting outside his igloo still in hibernation position. I'll get it from the camcorder at a later date. Watching him stretch out from being so scrunched up was fun. I placed him near his wading pool and he managed to flop in except for his tail and right rear foot. lol. He stayed in this position for about a minute until the rest of him went into the water. Poor Brian (who had not seen how long Nemo can stay underwater) was fearful Nemo wasn't breathing. As you can see, there are tiny turtle air bubbles. He soaked for nearly an hour and then went directly to his summer home where he tucked himself under the house. If he hadn't done that, how would we have been sure it was MY Nemo? hehe

Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Almost Close Encounter

I forgot this photo was on my camera. So while Nemo is still in deep hibernation, you can see him cringing while Linus's attempts at a nose-to-nose meeting are thwarted by the chair.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deep Hibernation for Nemo & Linus Slings It

Nemo went back into deep hibernation two days ago in the "guest igloo". I expect him to reappear in two weeks for hydration. Having never gone through a hibernation cycle with any critter previously, it's all new to me and very strange. He was so active for those few days blogged earlier, I thought for sure he was gearing up to eat. Maybe he went into hiding to plot Linus's demise. lol.

Linus's photo is being featured on Nemo's blog today because it's so darn cute and the Pleo plog photo is very small. I wanted to share Linus's grin in his new baby sling. Since he loves cuddling and being held, I got the sling so he could keep me company while I'm doing chores or otherwise needing my hands as well as to allow him to continue to snuggle rather than be abandoned. Brian noted that it's a good thing Nemo didn't find the sling because it is polar fleece and Nemo adores his polar fleece blankies.

Good news. The camcorder recordings of Nemo and Linus are now on my computer. Hopefully I can start working on my next YouTube video this weekend. Now that I'm back to work, my career is interfering with my fun!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Afternoon Appearance

Today was a spring-like day in winter. Nemo took advantage of the sun through the back window and made sure his head was in the stream of light. He had some activity today, making a few laps around the kitchen and had at least one foray into the living room that I apparently missed. I left evidence behind. lol.

If he's out and Linus comes into his space, Nemo makes a slow beeline for his summer home and watches curiously from there. All seems to be going well. I don't know what to call Nemo's "hibernation" now...maybe partial hibernation. Still no eating but getting exercise. He's certainly healthy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pondering the Orb

Brian picked up a package of two tennis balls so we could see how Linus would interract with a ball. I placed the second ball over in Nemo's area just to see what he might do or what Linus might do if he found it. That was two days ago. Mostly, Nemo has not moved from the vicinity of his summer home. This evening I walked in the kitchen to find Nemo lounging comfortably with his head outstretched as if guarding over the ball.

Are you my mother? Are you an abandoned egg? Are you my new friend? What else could Nemo possibly be thinking as he goes nose to "nose" with a round yellow thing. While it looks like he is investigating, he was in this same position for about 20 minutes from the time I found him. It had been almost two hours since the last time I was in the kitchen.

On another note, this morning Linus was once again poking his head into the igloo looking for the unknown resident (since he has only seen Nemo in other places). He also trotted off with his leaf in search of a recipient and came precariously close to Nemo's bath water. Nemo peered at Linus from his summer home. Who knows what mayhem may have occurred had Linus actually dropped the leaf in the zen water?!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nemo Sunning Himself

It does appear that Nemo is out of hibernation. He has greeted me grumpily each morning preferring to hide after I come into the room. But he watches as I prepare his humidifer.

I believe he is readjusting to Brian and me although he has somewhat severe post-hibernation PTSD. I would guess it's sort of like being in the quiet for days and suddenly hearing Black Sabbath playing next to your head. He is curious about Linus which may help him to ease out of his anti-social grumpiness. It was nice to see his face in the sunshine today.