Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spray on vitamins

I am so excited. Stopped at the Gerty pet store today. Brian thought he would be brave enough to feed "can o' worms" to Nemo so I got a can. ewwww. I also glanced through reptile health products and, lo and behold, vitamin spray! Spray reptile neck to tail once a day. The answer to my prayers. I haven't really researched it yet but I did buy it and Nemo seemed to like being spritzed with it. At least he's absorbing some healthy vitamins through his skin.

Brian is having second thoughts now about feeding the worms. Will try to have my camera ready when he decides Nemo really needs to try a worm. I think that's why he's working so hard on the special outdoor enclosure. The soil will be stocked with earthworms and we won't have to watch. In the meantime, we just replenished his supply of Nova smoked salmon. Even though I like it, I didn't happen to have any out of the last package. Nemo at it tiny piece by tiny piece.

I also picked up some bunny bales of alfalfa. Nemo never did eat any of the special bales of timothy and alfalfa I got him last year. He just liked to play in it. He adores his cuttlebones so he is not lacking in calcium. Maybe since these little bales are hard, he'll like to chew on them. Such a fussy eater. Yay for spray vitamins though!