Saturday, October 6, 2007

Un-Notes Featuring the Un-Turtle

Okay. I goofed. I had just completed my 2008 Nemo calendar at and was ready to order when I decided to check out other products I could make with his photos. I loved the idea of the accordian fold note card. I was so excited to pick out and arrange the photos and place my order for six of the cards.

The cards arrived and look GREAT! Then I went to send one to my friend and realized I had forgotten to leave a blank spot to write a note! I did send the notecard with another notecard that was actually made to write notes. Go figure. Too funny. Still laughing at myself. Yesterday I was forcing a friend to watch Nemo videos, look at the 2008 Nemo calendar, see the blog, and view the notecard which I spontaneously called the "un-note". So here it is, THE one and only Nemo the Un-Turtle Un-Note card.

New ones have been ordered allowing for writing space; but they won't be as much fun. I wonder what the people printing my card thought. Maybe, "Hey, we got another one doing that." lol. They may possibly have lots of duplicate orders because, unless you figure out that there are other layouts besides one side all photos, I'm sure un-note cards happen.