Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bath & A Bagel Bite

Nemo was helped from his igloo to his wading pool area yesterday morning where he trudged over to the dish and began by immersing his head while standing on tippy toe. He has such funny stretchy legs. Afterwards, he wandered to his summer home and immediately crawled under it so the "house" was resting on top of his shell--his favorite position now.

Today he was quite alert with head up like a periscope while I fixed my breakfast and Linus puttered around making his dino noises. Normally Nemo isn't quite so attentive with me. I wondered if he might be hungry. He turned down a small piece of prosciutto and lifted his head even higher trying to catch my attention; or at least that was my interpretation. I asked him if he preferred bagel and promptly placed a tiny piece down near him. Seconds later I could see the bagel moving slowly inside the summer home. lol. Guess I had it right.

He turned down the opportunity to bathe again and hiked back under his summer home. Am fairly certain of at least another two weeks of hibernation. As I lifted Nemo out of his igloo yesterday, Brian, being Nemo's commentary, said "Can't a guy get a month's sleep without being interrupted?" hehe.