Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, Look, My Own Window!

Blog Makeover

Welcome to the blog formerly known as Nemo the Unturtle. Nemo was very active in 2007 and the several videos of him on YouTube live on...unfortunately, some with disabled sound. After Nemo's first indoor hibernation, winter '07-'08, he became rather lethargic. Several visits to the vet, the beginning of a diet that was hand fed through syringe, and TLC helped him back to health but not his high level of activity.

We thought a companion would be the answer. They are funny when together and just recently (mid-2010) Nemo began to do his laps around the kitchen and through the living room again. Sometimes he sneaks up on Lucy. Initially Lucy was the domineering bully but Nemo established himself as dominant...except when Lucy, with her sheer size compared to Nemo, just bulldozes him out of her way.

They are both a delight and we continue to take pictures. I just hadn't the energy to keep up with the blog. So mainly this will be a place to post photos. Lucy does love to climb anything she can and Brian's Flickr photos of her climbing earned her the name Lucy the climbing tortoise on Google. I hope you enjoy seeing her and occasionally Nemo. Feel free to go back through the blog of Nemo's earlier days. I still love his tubby photos.