Sunday, May 11, 2008

Turtle Games

Brian gets such a kick out of Nemo, especially when he feeds Nemo and Nemo actually eats. This morning he saw Nemo's head stretched up and out ("I want food!") and went to defrost a few shrimp. As soon as he had the shrimp soaking, Nemo turned his back on Brian. Brian's groan was so funny. "That little brat!" lol. Nemo, as if on cue, turned around again. Brian gave him his shrimp and Nemo began to down them a few minutes later.

I usually ooh and aah when Nemo is eating to praise him. About an hour later I noticed Nemo still had the "I want food" look and asked him if he wanted bagel. Apparently he knows that word now. He is much more animated now...when he wants to be. When I speak to him lately, he immediately turns his head toward my voice. Sometimes he even cocks his head.

Anyway, I made a big deal out of rattling the bagel wrapper and preparing his little bagel bite. He was gobbling it up seconds after I placed it in front of him. I spoke to him for a bit about how he could come visit me in the living room and he seemed to listen very intently. I then returned to the living room and got settled into watching Good Will Hunting when I heard very loud noises--similar to when he was climbing on the roof of his log. By the time I returned to the kitchen, he was on the far side of his log and parking himself between the wall and the corner vase. I moved the vase slightly so he could get fully behind the vase--something new. Maybe that will be his big adventure of the day.

I'm looking forward to even more activity as we head towards June/July when he first came into our lives last year. His peak activity was July to September.