Monday, September 17, 2007

Nemo & The Dreaded Outdoors

Nemo seems to have been traumatized by any outdoor experience since he arrived. He never calmed down sufficiently to explore the garden. He was always frantic to get out. Then came the turtle terrace. He would try desperately to get his head through every possible hole in the kiddie gate to get out. I would make a step from a rolled towel so he could get back in the house on his own, and every time he would immediately head for the step after he stopped panicking at the gate.

Today is a gorgeous cool sunny day. Turtle perfect weather. I covered the gate with a blanket so he couldn't see through it. When I placed him on the terrace, it was the first time he didn't freak out. He seemed to explore a bit. However, he was soon marching toward the step. The photo is quite a look of grumpiness and determination at having been subjected to the dreaded outdoors. I'll consider today's outing a success though. He did get fresh air and without a panic attack.

Earlier this morning, when I first came into the kitchen after waking up, I was greeted by Nemo in his trademark lounging position on his intersection stone. The position is not new but the location was and yesterday he had enjoyed his spritzing session there so much. I wondered if he wanted another spray bath. As soon as I sprayed him, his back legs began to do the happy swim thing. I sprayed for several minutes. At one point he turned 45 degrees so he was being sprayed tail to nose. Ahhhhh. Life is good.