Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Temporary Blog Slowdown

Left: It's difficult to tell where Nemo's new prehsitoric friend ends and Nemo begins.

My frame of reference for time is way out of whack recently. Since July, I've had a number of surgeries, the most recent of which was 10/16. Much of the time I'm fighting sleepiness from meds for find it difficult to think, let alone spell or be creative. I did want you to know that Nemo is well. He makes me laugh daily. I have not been as prolific with my camera but Brian occasionally takes pictures for me. Today I mostly just wanted to say hi and assure Nemo's fans he is just as feisty and active as error, but Mom is tired and irritable. I am working during lucid moments on modifying one of his videos to submit for Pet Video #7 on YouTube. I found fun new music and hope all readers of this blog will enjoy it. I also hope to soon be back to at least feeling sufficiently awake and alert to do my daily entries. It is enjoyable for me to share his silliness.
When I locate my photo card, I'll add the picture of Nemo checking out his new ceramic space heater. Soon after setting it up, he was exploring the new object and also quickly finding the many places he could lounge and still feel the warm air.

Typically Eastern Box Turtles winter outdoors so you wouldn't think 70 degrees would be chilly. Then again, Nemo is an un-turtle. He has become so much more active since his area became closer to 78-80 degrees rather than 70-72 degrees. Who knew 70 degrees could be so inhibiting of cute turtle behaviors. I got the heater after noticing he seemed "huddled", in spite of his "turtle neck". lol. We will have to wait and see if he chooses to hibernate in his blankies or not. He is still fussing with food. I have ordered a new brand of box turtle complete diet and canned food. There really are only two manufacturers. Hopefully, he will like the second manufacturer. In the meantime, he now dines from his CB2 black matte sushi dish which he can reach more easily, as pointed out by Brian.
Another quick update...Nemo now waits in his bath water if no one is around until someone comes by and notices the mist has stopped. lol. How cute and demanding is that?! And several mornings, he has been waiting at his log for me to turn his basking lamp on since he knows that is the first thing I do when I get up.

Please don't give up on lack of new posts. I simply need more energy and a bit more healing. Thanks to all who are Nemo fans!