Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nemo is a Conundrum

Nemo may not be lead story but he is always priority at home. He gets more attention than he wants. I'm worried about him because his appetite still isn't stimulated to where he is eating anything other than salmon, shrimp, and cuttlebone. He did barely nibble on some fruit and veggie offerings, but that's it. He completely snubbed his Can O' Worms too.

We have placed the heater back in his area where the heat is most concentrated in a strip that moves along the wall with his basking log, summer home, and main garage. He seems to love the heat. His body temperature needs to get high enough to stimulate his appetite. Maybe he doesn't know that... I'm making a vet appointment on Monday. It's August and he began hibernating habits last October. He won't be able to hibernate if he's not healthy.

Poor Nemo hates his veggies just like me. And we can't hide them in what he likes because he's on to that trick. ack! I know the vet will tell us to give him live earthworms. That won't happen in my kitchen. And we already know the unturtle will just watch the worms crawl by. Maybe a turtle vitamin IV?