Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nemo's Back

Nemo seems to be back to his pre-hibernation personality. He is not withdrawing when I go near him for care and feeding. And he has begun his obstacle course activities. This morning he decided to see if he could climb over his big garage lengthwise. When I saw him, I knew it would only end up one way--on his nose.

The image to the left is as far as went before backing up to return to the floor. He did have a bit of a fall at the other end of the "roof" and turned over on his shell. He had righted himself before I could even say "Oh no!". Feeling humiliated, no doubt, he marched off to his summer home and buried his head under his house. He is still there with his head peaking out toward the basking lamp.

His appetite continues with shrimp every other day and a bagel bite. No evidence of trying anything offered in his other food dish yet, but we'll continue to prepare him something. It's a challenge because the "menu" has to have something different from one feeding to the next. He always gets his Reptomin but we have been adding fruit, special turtle treats, and turtle and/or tortoise pelleted food. yum.

The decision has been made to not allow our Pleos to do handstands since all of our Pleos seem to have had neck damage and our Pleos seem to be rare in that they do handstands! That should help Nemo not be bothered. Pleos will have to be kept away from the chair legs--the main acrobatic arena. Replacement Pleos will be here in several weeks. Nemo will have to hike out to the living room to visit.

Until the next exciting Nemo update, turtle on.