Saturday, December 1, 2007

Waiting for the Mist

My computer is almost back to normal. Soon I will have access to posting photos easily again. In the meantime, Nemo continues to be Nemo. Earlier this week, a friend stopped by and met the much talked about "unturtle". He had decided to bury himself in his igloo head first that day and was in no mood to be sociable. A few hours later, when my guest was getting ready to leave, I poked my head around the corner for a Nemo check. I didn't see him in his usual places so stepped fully into the room. I found him in the center of his wading pool staring with a distinct look of annoyance at the empty mister. I had no idea how long he might have been in there but tried to imagine how a turtle might think. He knew mist came out of "there" and he knew I had something to do with it.

After my friend confirmed Nemo's body language and expression, she had a good laugh. About five minutes later, after saying goodbyes, I returned to find Nemo still waiting. He didn't budge as my hands reached down for the humidifier seeming to know I wasn't going to reach for him. It takes a few minutes to clean it out and add the fresh water, but he sat patiently in his beautiful terracotta tub. I again reached down with the humidifier, plugged it in, and there was mist. I moved away and watched from the other room. He stayed in the pool another ten minutes thoroughly soaking up the mist and assuming his trademark butt mist position in the first minute. It still makes me giggle. Who needs words when even a turtle can communicate quite clearly. However, I wonder how many other turtles demand that their personal humidifiers be refilled?