Friday, March 28, 2008

Fearless Nemo Challenges Linus

Yesterday was a very active Nemo day. Lots of photos. Some will be posted on Flickr. I think it's safe to say hibernation is over, although eating has not yet begun. Nemo was out exploring the living room and powder room while Brian and I invaded his space and had our breakfast. Linus was also exploring the living room. Nemo slipped by him carefully so as not to arouse any suspicion. lol. Nemo then retreated to his summer home.

A few hours later, Linus meandered over to Nemo's summer home and tried to poke his head into greet Nemo. Thankfully the chair railing kept him from being too invasive. I grabbed the camcorder and about an hour later, I had film of Nemo totally circling the kitchen to come up behind Linus while Linus entertained himself doing handstands using the chair as leverage. Nemo then made his way back, carefully observing Linus. Nemo made his move and marched up to Linus to rub noses. As soon as Linus moved his head, Nemo's head retreated into his shell; but he quickly tried again.
Nemo was very brave until Linus did one of his loud dino roars. Nemo decided that was enough for one day and headed into the safety of his igloo. The fuzziness of "the meeting" photos is because they are stills from the camcorder rather than photos. I'll be working on the movie very shortly.