Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nemo's back on track

Nemo had another vet check up last week. His weight has gone up. He's stronger and more active. He's voluntarily taking zen baths again and has even nibbled at healthy turtle food. Because he still doesn't eat properly, we're going to continue giving his vitamin supplement by syringe each day. He likes his shrimp and sometimes nibbles at turkey or chicken baby food, but it's not enough for full nutrition. His color is so much better too.

Dr. Amy said Lucy might have helped motivate him to be more active, which had been our hope. Lucy got a few nails trimmed and weighed in at about 3/4 of a pound. We were very pleased with the outcome. Nemo is definitely worth the bit of special care.

To prepare for this vet visit, we knew we'd need some type of carrier for Lucy. I found these small animal carriers that are like oblong bird cages. The bottom has a closed in area where I was able to place a small blanket. Perfect. Because they were so handy, I got two. Lucy's is pink and Nemo has the green one. You can see how happy Nemo is to be going back to the vet. lol.

Two shell garage?

Nemo and Lucy are little snuggle buddies now. Lucy copied Nemo's habit of snuggling into the blankets around the summer home. Occasionally one will occupy the hide while the other lounges behind it. A few days ago, this is what we found. Their two shells barely fit into the space but they were sharing so nicely. How cute is this?