Monday, May 5, 2008

Nemo gives new arrangement two phalanges up

Nemo's emergence from hibernation, along with our need for some wall space for a water cooler, caused us to give Nemo's area a thorough Spring cleaning. His large garage was moved on the other side of his igloo giving him a tunnel to reach the area behind the igloo. He really likes that aspect. He's been hanging around either in (for naps), hanging out the front if he's hungry, or hanging out the back to lounge with some shelter safety. I'm glad he likes it there.

He seems have settled into about four shrimp every other day and is open to a bagel bite most anytime his head is not in hiding. He only gets 1-2 a day as a treat. Even though he's been offered a variety of fruits and foods to fulfill his other vitamin/mineral requirements, I don't think he ate anything yet. I do think he was most interested in some pineapple the other day. We'll keep rotating his other foods. He might just not be ready for additional eating yet. We're taking bets on when he starts basking on the log. We got him in June and he "discovered" his log around July. Maybe his basking season is only July through October. Guess we'll all learn together.

No more close encounters with Linus lately. I don't expect there will be anymore acrobatic playfulness since Linus's neck gave way to whatever "virus" our dinos have gotten. We do hope Ugobe will be able to offer repair or exchange soon. Maybe the tables will turn and new Schroeder will be the more active and social Pleo. Schroeder never did meet Nemo.