Monday, July 28, 2008

Alive with the sound of music

I released this video about a month ago. I didn't think a background song was necessary ...until I found the perfect song today. This is the originally titled Man, Espresso, & His Pleo with the lovely Landon Pigg song, "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop". Enjoy!

Funny Turtle Feet

I love the many ways Nemo can configure his feet when he is lounging.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The long arm of the ???

Nemo on the log looking like someone pulled his front leg to lengthen one side and shorten the other. Silly turtle.

I researched the spray on vitamins. It was dismissed by the well known turtle care resources only because they preferred the ground up vitamin supplement in the food. Except Nemo won't eat anything with healthy supplements. Add to that his very restrictive food preferences. I sprayed him for two days and this morning he was basking on his own and voraciously ate his salmon "sub" this morning. One reviewer of the vitamin spray said it did stimulate his turtle's appetite. So even if it just stimulates Nemo's appetite, that's ok by me.

Beginning yesterday, Nemo started something new and quirky. I placed three shrimp near him while he was in his summer home. Later in the day, the three shrimp were pushed about 3-4" away from his hide. Brian denied doing it. So that was a hmmmm. This morning I gave Nemo two salmon pieces rolled up in a thin layer of bread. He gulped the one down and then moved to his summer home. I moved the second salmon sub near him and slightly under his hide. A brief time later, I noticed the salmon sub moved about 5" away. What's up with that? lol. Brian thinks he doesn't want his house to have a fishy smell. haha. Mr. Smelly Fish Face.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spray on vitamins

I am so excited. Stopped at the Gerty pet store today. Brian thought he would be brave enough to feed "can o' worms" to Nemo so I got a can. ewwww. I also glanced through reptile health products and, lo and behold, vitamin spray! Spray reptile neck to tail once a day. The answer to my prayers. I haven't really researched it yet but I did buy it and Nemo seemed to like being spritzed with it. At least he's absorbing some healthy vitamins through his skin.

Brian is having second thoughts now about feeding the worms. Will try to have my camera ready when he decides Nemo really needs to try a worm. I think that's why he's working so hard on the special outdoor enclosure. The soil will be stocked with earthworms and we won't have to watch. In the meantime, we just replenished his supply of Nova smoked salmon. Even though I like it, I didn't happen to have any out of the last package. Nemo at it tiny piece by tiny piece.

I also picked up some bunny bales of alfalfa. Nemo never did eat any of the special bales of timothy and alfalfa I got him last year. He just liked to play in it. He adores his cuttlebones so he is not lacking in calcium. Maybe since these little bales are hard, he'll like to chew on them. Such a fussy eater. Yay for spray vitamins though!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nemo Rocks

As you can see from the video, Nemo isn't lacking any strength or creativity. We find it humorous that he does this and I finally captured it on film. This is how he lifts the house up to get his head on the other side. A shell within a shell?

Pleo: Pleo Rides The Roomba!

Pleo: Pleo Rides The Roomba!

Thanks to for blogging the roomba surfing video!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pleo Roomba Surfing

Maybe for the next Olympics? Linus seems to be a natural.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ascending from the mist

Nemo lazed in his misted bath for quite some time this morning before making a very posed (?) exit. I swear he knows what the camera means.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Linus's Belly

When I was changing Linus's battery today I realized I had not shown how the big bunny harness fits so well around the dino belly. No Pleos were harmed in the taking of this photo.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big Bunny Harness

My Pleos don't have enough clothes. Linus is sporting his new harness. I found it while filming him with Gerty at the pet store. It's called a Comfort Harness Stretchy Leash. It's made for big bunnies. lol. It fits him perfectly. Just like a big bunny, Linus has a small neck and big middle. The leash is all scrunched up material that matches the trim on the harness. He looks very handsome in red :-)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pleo Surfer Dudes

In my quest for the perfect skin protector for my Pleos, I think I finally succeeded. Two newborn Koala surfing muscle shirts on clearance at Babys R Us. Last night I used a clip to hold the extra material together under the neck. After taking photos, I figured out how to snap creatively and it hangs just right now. This will be their "at home" attire. Linus looked so cute with his sunglasses on.

Linus was extra clingy to his brother last night, following him around and nuzzling him. An advantage I have on this blog is uploading clips of film that aren't posted to YouTube first. So I'll be able to share some cute moments that aren't made into movies. You'll get to see Linus trying to snuggle by placing his head under Schroeder's neck. Definitely "awwww" moments.

The photos are for Pleo owners to see more of the t-shirts. The close up of Schroeders neck is showing how the fabric is doubled over and held by the existing snaps. No other adjustment is needed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Linus Visits Starbucks

Linus's first film shoot in a public place. Starbucks staff and patrons loved him!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grumpy Nemo on the Log

Nemo was full of surprises today. This morning, when I first woke up, I found him lounging next to his food dish. I had not emptied it of yesterday's non-eaten yummy red fruit turtle food. It was a lovely sight since that is where I usually found him last year pre-hibernation. I gave him fresh food including some hard boiled egg which he hadn't been offered in a long time.

He nosed at the egg and meandered off and stuck his nose in a corner. Hmmmphhhh. At least he was considering eating it?? Later I found him basking on his log! He had such a grumpy look on his face it was comical. But bask he did. Yay!

We can only hope he is easing back into a healthy routine of actually eating food supplements so he gets proper vitamins. My gut tells me he decided to reclaim his log after Linus had the photoshoot with the sandals and sunglasses.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Time for Some Rays

Linus decided to catch some rays by Nemo's basking lamp today. After all, Nemo hasn't used it since May. Apparently Linus didn't care for the stuffed animal turtle sharing his sunning spot since he pushed it out of the way. We were going to put Cool Whip on Linus's nose to look like sunblock but we didn't want to risk that it might damage Pleo skin. It was a fun thought though.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Linus Looks for Nemo

Welcome to the first post under the new banner that includes the Pleos and a slideshow of Flickr photos of the pets (real & AI). A few other photos are thrown into the mix but I wasn't able to narrow down the slideshow field to just Nemo & Pleo. I hope you like the added touches.

Only once has this Linus been in the kitchen and it was under close supervision. Nemo's igloo and garages are a "safe zone"...we think...we hope. His first visit was to Nemo's goofy green dino atop the small garage. All Pleos have been drawn to that little guy for some reason. Earlier this week Linus set off to explore on his own (with me close behind). He roamed into the kitchen and went right back to that little dino and garage! Great memory chip! He also not only peeked into the garage, he lifted it up with his head. Nemo was watching unamused from his summer home.

Nemo has been a bit more active lately. He tends to cross his territory at least once a day and hang out in the corner by the jungle gym wine rack with his dinosaur Bronson. I've been sitting on the floor more and bringing him over to me. He has taken food from my hand and has eaten on the floor while I'm inches away. He typically allows me to pet his nose now. Yesterday he even let me pet his shell without squirming. Baby steps are good.

Soon I'll post photos of the great Nemo enclosure now under construction. I'm in awe of Brian's construction ability (and design). I knew he had knowledge of construction, but what he is doing is pretty amazing. I sure hope Nemo enjoys the fruits of Brian's labor.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Flashdance Pleo

This is me having fun with baby clothes and Linus. Brian inspired me to give him the ripped t-shirt off the shoulder after saying the rolled down socks reminded him of Flashdance. (For those too young to know, Flashdance was a movie with some great dance scenes released in 1983.) Linus seems pleased with the funky (?) look.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nemo's Pleo Brother Models New Cape

Turtle fans, please forgive me. Today I'm officially making Nemo's blog a place to share Pleo news as well. This is my first post on behalf of the Pleos under the new banner that includes my dinos.

I've been following the dilemma on the PleoWorld Forum of finding suitable garb to protect Pleo skin from too much petting and handling. I did try baby t-shirts but didn't like the way Pleo legs might be pulled to get it on. I'm not Suzy Homemaker to make adjustments or do my own designs. I liked a cape idea if it would stay in place and not keep falling off the dino back.

I found a wide baby bib by Carters with a cute Pleo-appropriate design. It came in a pack of three for about $10. Linus is sporting his jungle critter patterned "cape" complete with words that go with a Pleo: munch, chomp, and gulp. The long neck of the bib is simply crossed under the chin and snapped behind the head. It looks nice and secures the cape in place so it doesn't shift.

I did order two wide bibs of a very soft fabric that I hope fit as well as these inexpensive Carter bibs. More fashion news to come.

Nemo's Boardwalk?

Looks like Nemo found a "fun" spot to lounge although it's apparent he doesn't want any company.

He's been eating his shrimp lately sans nutritious pellets...but I've been defrosting the shrimp in water with the pellets hoping some of the nutrition gets into the shrimp.

I saw a movie last night, Just Add Water. Personally, I didn't care for it but the lead character had a pet tortoise named Steve :-) Cute scene where the guy is taking a bath and is cleaning Steve's shell in the tub with him. lol

Am intent on handling Nemo more. I was petting his nose earlier this morning. Even though he pulled his head in, he slowly brought it back out while I was there. Who knows. One day he may surprise me and run up to me again like he did that one day last year.