Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bon Appetit, Nemo

Hurray! Nemo is finally eating. Each day for the past few days he has eaten one or more shrimp, nibbled on greens and an egg, and gobbled down a bagel bite. There are no pictures to prove he is now eating because he plays a game with us. He refuses to eat in front of us. In fact, even if he is begging for food (holding his head high in the air), and we place it in front of him, he will turn his back on us. Two minutes later, he will have made his favorite tidbits disappear.

Yesterday Brian was brave enough to prepare one of the mini meals for a box turtle complete with what used to be living bugs. yuck! I was hoping Nemo wouldn't like it and he proved me far. We'll try again another time. Right now, he's loving his shrimp which is perfect protein in lieu of slugs or worms. He is holding true to his "unturtle" title.

Nemo has also been much more active, although his basking log hasn't been made part of his out-of-hibernation routine yet. This morning I was in the living room camped out with Linus playingi near the front door. Occasionally I would turn around to make sure Linus was not stuck or near anything breakable. The one time I turned around, there was Nemo starting his journey BACK to the kitchen! lol! He was making time too. I swear he sped up when I called his name. Maybe he heard Linus and wanted to go say hello. Regardless, it's fun to see him doing laps again.

Nemo and Brian got to bond when I was in the hospital for about a week. I got to hear cute Nemo stories and how frustrated Brian was each time Nemo would say with body language, "Talk to the shell." Brian has also been turtle caretaker since I can't bend too well. I'm sure that's part of being a turtle parent he could have done without. He's doing an admirable job.

Please forgive my lack of posting. Surgery went well. I expect a complete recovery. I'll be on the floor soon enough playing with my real and artificial pets.

The above photo was taken before my hospital stay, the day Nemo seemed to be contemplating basking.