Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nemo Goes Mobile (Phone, that is)

I love this photo--he looks soooo comfy and I love his little leg bent up. I've been wanting to share an exchange Brian and I had when I was recently in the hospital. He was at home with Nemo and the two were bonding. Brian loves to see what Nemo is up to or what position and expression he has at the moment.

Anyway, Brian called me at the hospital from home. He updated me on Nemo's latest antics. Before ending the conversation, I said 'give a turtle kiss to Nemo for me." Brian asked if I wanted to talk to him over the phone. I decided that was over the top even for me. But Brian wanted to see if Nemo had any response to hearing my voice. I wish I had a picture of what followed. Brian held the phone to Nemo which means Brian was down on the floor. As I started to do my turtle talk in my special turtle voice, I could hear Brian laughing in the background.

When Brian put the phone back to his ear, he was quite intrigued to tell me that, as soon as Nemo heard my voice, he began looking all around to see where I was. Aww, how cute. Of course I told Brian he now had the task of explaining cell phones to Nemo so it didn't drive him crazy that he couldn't see me! It's nice to know my little guy recognizes my voice--even over the phone :-) (My little guy being Nemo.) lol.