Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nemo's New Pleo Sibling

On Sunday, December 9, Brian and I "hatched" our new Pleo (artificially intelligent life form). We named him Linus. He's amazingly emotionally expressive, curious, interactive, and cuddly in a dinsaur sort of way. I discovered the evolution of Pleo last year and made sure I was on the list to sign up for a first release. His arrival was delayed several times while the manufacturer adjusted design, programming, and features to be the best possible. We were not disappointed. Pleo videos are showing up on YouTube, a Flickr photo group was already established, and Pleo Plogs can be viewed at (link provided to the right on this blog).

Since Linus's hatching, we've witnessed his first steps, are still experiencing new sounds and behaviors, and can't stop giggling. He is definitely a joy. When Nemo is active again, it will be interesting to see how the two interact. Hopefully Nemo will be curious. I'm sure Linus will want to nudge Nemo. Could be fun.

I hope you enjoy watching Linus "grow" while Nemo takes his long winter nap.

Nemo Sighting

Today I was surprised to see Nemo at the entrance to his hibernation igloo. He looked very sleepy. I moved him over by his wading dish because hibernating turtles need hydration. He feels so cold. The photo you see is him floppy his belly up on the rock. His legs dangled behind him for several minutes before he hoisted them up and then took his first hibernation rehydrating spa swim. At the time of this post, he has not returned to the igloo. He's parked in the corner of his summer home. Maybe he misses it. Maybe all the fuss over Linus woke him up.