Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nemo Meets Linus

Today Nemo was lounging outside his igloo--still in his hydration period between hibernation naps, I presume. Linus noticed Nemo's movement and trotted over to meet the unturtle. Linus kept his distance (about two feet) and stayed rather still while Nemo wandered from his garage behind his igloo where he could watch the green intruder from his safe distance.
After deciding it was safe to approach, Nemo carefully approached Linus, sniffed at his feet, and even tried to nibble at his foot. I guess you never know what might be tasty... Anyway, here is proof. Nemo up close and personal with a Pleo. I hope this is a sign of acceptance.
Oddly, Linus's battery exhausted as he was holding still during Nemo's inspection. I guess we'll find out next time what happens when Linus moves at close range. This picture was taken with the photo still setting of my BRAND NEW camcorder that Santa got me! I also took video (with sound!) but need to acquire something for the computer to transfer the video to share. Look out YouTube!