Friday, July 25, 2008

The long arm of the ???

Nemo on the log looking like someone pulled his front leg to lengthen one side and shorten the other. Silly turtle.

I researched the spray on vitamins. It was dismissed by the well known turtle care resources only because they preferred the ground up vitamin supplement in the food. Except Nemo won't eat anything with healthy supplements. Add to that his very restrictive food preferences. I sprayed him for two days and this morning he was basking on his own and voraciously ate his salmon "sub" this morning. One reviewer of the vitamin spray said it did stimulate his turtle's appetite. So even if it just stimulates Nemo's appetite, that's ok by me.

Beginning yesterday, Nemo started something new and quirky. I placed three shrimp near him while he was in his summer home. Later in the day, the three shrimp were pushed about 3-4" away from his hide. Brian denied doing it. So that was a hmmmm. This morning I gave Nemo two salmon pieces rolled up in a thin layer of bread. He gulped the one down and then moved to his summer home. I moved the second salmon sub near him and slightly under his hide. A brief time later, I noticed the salmon sub moved about 5" away. What's up with that? lol. Brian thinks he doesn't want his house to have a fishy smell. haha. Mr. Smelly Fish Face.