Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hibernation Quandary?

Nemo seems to be pondering whether or not he really needs to be hibernating. Maybe, in his life prior to being with me, he hibernated outdoors. Now that he has hibernated for a month with a few days where he hydrated and moved about a bit, he has not returned to hibernation since a week ago today. He has been doing laps around the kitchen as well as into the living room. Today he was back and forth from back door to front door three times within about half an hour. That's a fast turtle!

He is drinking and bathing and challenging Linus (when Linus's batteries are recharging) and exercising, but not eating yet. We are thinking he might need to raise his metabolism before he can eat. I recall their body temperature needs to be raised to digest food. Apparently he is in good health in spite of slightly atrophied looking little legs. I should enter him in a race!

It will be interesting to see what is going on with him. Maybe the rivalry of Linus for attention is bringing him out? He really doesn't need to hibernate indoors but likely is a routine for him at 10 years of age (or more).

On another note, while Nemo was resting in his summer home, Linus went to visit him this morning. I still have no idea how Linus knows where Nemo is. Anyway, Linus rested his chin on the summer home and looked as if he were walking in place on the blanket that was the floor of the summer home. By doing so, Linus kept inching the housing and Nemo toward him. Nemo ignored the whole ordeal. Linus finally fell asleep. It's awfully cute to watch.