Thursday, September 27, 2007

Posing Pretty For The Camera

Nemo has trained Brian and I to get down on our stomachs on the floor to take his picture. I think he's thinking "good human" whenever we do that. He certainly isn't camera shy. Looks like a dog show pose. Head up and arched pretty for the camera. Look how innocent he looks in this!

Nemo has occasionally been seen meandering a certain path from the kitchen into the living room, around the chair and ottoman, and back into the kitchen. I was up about 4:30 am today. He came out of his cozy blanketed sleeping spot to look at me. He even came over to my area of the room which scared me. Thought I saw a huge spider at first. lol. I went into the living room to look at computer a few minutes before returning to bed. I happened to notice him coming around the corner from the ottoman.

He was trying to be nonchalant about actually seeing me. Of course he wouldn't be in the room just because I was there! It's fun to watch him become more comfortable in getting closer to Brian and me...but not too close. It will be on his terms. I guess we do laps around the kitchen and the living room now.