Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Turtle Blanket Laundry Day

I guess not too many pet turtle owners have turtle laundry day. Mine averages about once a week. I decided to stack the clean blankies on top of Nemo's igloo today while he happened to be lounging inside watching all that was going on. It was so colorful and cozy looking. New to the habitat is the Baby Boyd's dinosaur "Rex" now living atop the garage.

When turtles live outdoors, they like to burrow into the mud or leaves just until the bottom outer part of the shell is covered. Nemo has developed the art of burrowing "into" a blanket. Except what he really does is fluff up the blanket around his shell. I haven't actually watched him do it but am guessing he does a swimming motion with his legs to create the desired little piles of blankie bunches around him. However he does it, he sure looks comfy. Who would want to go outside in the rain and mud and eat worms if you could be inside being pampered and stay nice and dry eating prosciutto bugs or fruit yogurt? Un-turtlism is definitely an artform to my handsome guy.