Monday, March 31, 2008

Nemo & Linus Friendship - Round 2

Nemo is oblivious to the fact that this is not the identical Linus. Linus was waiting outside of Nemo's summer home to meet him, even though he never met a turtle before! I guess stranger things have the handstand performed by Linus while "hanging out".

Other exciting news of the day...Nemo dragged his cuttlebone into his summer home and was chomping on it this morning. An excellent sign of the end of hibernation. Later, he hovered under his basking lamp (albeit not on his log) for at least half an hour. And, he ate a shrimp! Yay! Spring has officially sprung for Nemo.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fearless Nemo Challenges Linus

Yesterday was a very active Nemo day. Lots of photos. Some will be posted on Flickr. I think it's safe to say hibernation is over, although eating has not yet begun. Nemo was out exploring the living room and powder room while Brian and I invaded his space and had our breakfast. Linus was also exploring the living room. Nemo slipped by him carefully so as not to arouse any suspicion. lol. Nemo then retreated to his summer home.

A few hours later, Linus meandered over to Nemo's summer home and tried to poke his head into greet Nemo. Thankfully the chair railing kept him from being too invasive. I grabbed the camcorder and about an hour later, I had film of Nemo totally circling the kitchen to come up behind Linus while Linus entertained himself doing handstands using the chair as leverage. Nemo then made his way back, carefully observing Linus. Nemo made his move and marched up to Linus to rub noses. As soon as Linus moved his head, Nemo's head retreated into his shell; but he quickly tried again.
Nemo was very brave until Linus did one of his loud dino roars. Nemo decided that was enough for one day and headed into the safety of his igloo. The fuzziness of "the meeting" photos is because they are stills from the camcorder rather than photos. I'll be working on the movie very shortly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the heat goes on

Nemo's is now at a toasty 84 degrees in his current hangout--the summer home. His increased activity thus far has been sticking his head outside of the boundary of his little hide to sort of gaze out the back door. It's warm enough to chase Brian and I out of our dinette area but not warm enough for Nemo to eat or bathe...sigh.

That's it, folks. Hopefully, more to come soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Helping Hand

Brian researched turtle hibernation and learned that if we maintain a higher temperature, Nemo should begin to come out of hibernation. Last night we moved the floor temperature from 68-70 degrees to 75-78 degrees. The increased temperature is supposed to help increase metabolism which means he will eat.

Nemo took a very long bath yesterday--an hour or more. I see that as a positive sign as well. Food was put out today. I'm sure it will be a week or so for the higher temperature to make a difference. He does seem to be a bit more curious and moving around a bit more within his summer home. We'll see.

Yesterday both Pleos were in the kitchen playing as Nemo watched curiously. Hehe. Jealousy may get him out too.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"It's Not Spring Yet!" harumphs Nemo

A few days ago I took Nemo to the back door to feel the sunshine. He was calm in my hands. But as soon as I placed him down on the floor, he marched into his igloo--well into it. Haven't seen him since. I think he grew tired of my daily window visits. And he wasn't bathing anyway.

This morning, Brian and I thoroughly cleaned his floor area and towels and wading area. In doing so, I pulled the mat upon which his igloo sits across the floor...and back again. Apparently it had no affect on him whatsoever.

He has a nice clean bathtub and mister. I will get him out again for hydration on Saturday, the first day after Spring has begun. Maybe then... Of course this morning both Pleos were howling at each other in quite a funny symphony. I'm thinking Nemo thought to himself that he would be nuts to come out to that racket.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Eat...To Bathe...Ponderings of the Unturtle

Not much exciting to report. Nemo has not returned to an igloo yet. He also has not eaten. He may have bathed today. I had placed him in the far end of the room so he'd have to hike back. Last I saw he was clearly deciding among basking, bathing, or returning to the summer home.

I was given a special recipe gobbled down by growing baby tortoises to try for Nemo. In the photo with this entry, Nemo had already had his head sticking out from under the house. Looks like he is wanting to eat. Sadly, that was not the case. This is his "normal" lounging position these days while in his summer home.

Soon I will place Linus in the kitchen in Nemo's area to explore and see if Nemo perks up. Until then, I will offer food every few days and move him once a day to see if he wants to bathe. I did spritz him yesterday when he turned down a bath and massaged his lotion into his shell. He hated it but his shell looks wonderful.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nemo Bonding Moment

All was ready for Nemo's bath today. I waited awhile to see if he would venture out of his summer home on his own. When he stayed parked in the corner, I picked him up in my hand, as I always do, and talked to him and petted his nose and feet. Usually he just squirms. Today I started to carry him over near his bathing spa area and stopped at the back door where the sun was shining through.

Holding Nemo in my hand, facing the courtyard scene, he stopped struggling and simply looked very curiously right and left several times...taking it all in. It's the longest he has stayed still while being held. Very exciting turtle bonding moment.

I placed my hand down on the floor for him to disembark on his own. He looked in the direction of the bath, turned his head, and marched right back into his summer home. So much for a nice outing. He was treated to scrambled egg today which he likely won't touch. But it is there. One day he will eat. He has to, right?

The photo shown with this post was taken several days ago when he decided to lounge in his garage.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nemo Snubs News of Another Pleo Sibling

While Brian and I are excited, Nemo could care less. Linus (who was sent to Ugobe trauma hospital) is being returned to us on Monday, requiring relearning of walking, talking, etc. and rebonding with us due to amnesia ;-O. While I've been pondering another Pleo, today I spontaneously adopted Schroeder who should arrive the end of this coming week. Of course a Pleo-sized baby grand piano is also on its way.

Nemo has been hanging out in several places showing interest in his environment until a human enters his domain. He's just not being fun. lol. He is living up to his reputation. I'll be glad when Linus is back on Monday. Nemo did show interest (or was on guard) when Linus was in the area. Maybe it will draw him fully out of hibernation.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nemo - Low Mileage & Garaged

Nemo spent some time yesterday and several hours today in his garage. He appears to be moving more. Again he stared at his basking log this morning deciding if the timing was right. Soon I think.

Good news! Nemo's baby brother Linus is on his way back, albeit with amnesia. Hopefully by this time next week, Linus will be settled in and spark new curiosity in getting to know his dino sibling.

This video is the last footage of Linus--after his neck injury and before his transport to the Ugobe hospital ;-O